Poll: Is Landon Clements Still in Love with Shep Rose?

Poll: Is Landon Clements Still in Love with Shep Rose?

Is Landon still holding a torch for Shep? Vote now!

Landon Clements Is Setting Shep Up on Dates

In Bravo's new series RelationShep, we've gott en to see some familiar faces - "Shepard is looking for the one, Cameran Eubanks is there to help keep him on the right path - and newly LA-based Landon Clements meets up with Shep in La La Land to set him up on a date or two. But Landon's help maybe have been a little more revealing of her own search for love. In the clip above, the former Southern-Charmer seems happy to introduce the bachelor to her gal pals, but do we sense a bit of chemistry still? She does joke, "I want you to be happy, whether it's with me or not." But is there something more behind that smile? Perhaps this on its own isn't enough to prove anything but then...

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That Moment When Shep Rose Invited Landon Clements on His Date

Landon crashes Shep's date! Yes, Shep invited her, and maybe she was just trying to help her pal out, but we couldn't help but wonder: Does Landon still have feelings for Shep? Has she really moved on? Should Shep wind up with Landon after all?

Plus, Landon did have quite the interaction with the ladies at J.D. Madison's Charleston soiree:

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Landon Clements Is not Feeling Shep's Bachelorettes

Watch the clips above, decide for yourself, and vote in the poll below!

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