#RelationShep Bracket: Who Should Go to Charleston?

#RelationShep Bracket: Who Should Go to Charleston?

Vote on which of Shep's dates has what it takes to meet his family and friends!

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What Is a Perfect Date For Shep?

Bravo’s favorite bachelor is looking for love, and he might just find it on RelationShep.

Southern Charm’s Shepard “Shep” Rose has been notorious for his bachelor lifestyle, but his friends are playing Cupid to help him (finally) meet the one. They’re setting Shep up on dates with multiple women in New York City, Austin, Dallas, and Los Angeles, hoping that sparks will fly with one of the mystery ladies. The women that Shep connects with will head to Charleston — where all of them will live in one house. Hijinks and romance will undoubtedly ensue.

So far, Shep Rose has met 11 very beautiful and very different women. It’s a little too early for Shep to change his #RelationShep status on Facebook, but we're seeing some real girlfriend material in this group. Get to know some of the ladies, below:

Peyton is the first woman Shep meets on his journey, and she makes quite the first impression on our bachelor; she’s almost as tall as Shep is, she really likes dogs, and she’s from the South — just like him.  

Liz, 24, marketing manager

Shep takes Liz, his second date in LA, to a friend’s Shakespeare (Shepspeare) party in the Hollywood Hills. She’s a little younger than Shep…so young that she’s never used a fax machine.

Adrhrucia, 33, media consultant

Show Highlight
That Moment When Shep Rose Invited Landon Clements on His Date

Adruhrucia is one of Landon Clements’ picks for Shep. She’s an ambitious career woman who has worked a lot of different jobs and leads a really exciting life. But things get a little weird when Shep invites Landon on the date…maybe it's because she’s still in love with him? 

Carley, 27, model

On Shep’s last day in LA, he meets up with Carley for a dip in the pool. She’s a model and looks like she could be the total physical package. But, in Shep’s own words, it’s not just about aesthetics. Especially when she’s not into Shakespeare.

Jessy, 31, stylist

LA stylist Jessy is another one of Landon’s friends, and she’s not super impressed with Shep’s laidback outfit for their date. Jessy’s adventurous attitude, intellect, and great taste in books strikes a chord with Shep, but he also finds her somewhat intimidating — in a good way.

Kylie, 22, student

Is Shep Rose a Natural Cowboy?

Kylie is Shep’s first date in Dallas, and their date is as Texas as it gets: horseback riding on a ranch. Kylie’s a world champion rider, so she helps Shep get over his fear of horses. The two of them really hit it off. Are those heart eyes we see?

Summer, 29, medical esthetician

Shep and Katie Go Together like Dr. Pepper and Red Wine

Shep recruits his friend Ray for a double date with Summer, and the group goes golfing in the sky. Shep is skeptical about Summer at first, but once they break off on their own, he sees that there's much more to her than meets the eye.

Amber, 34, marketing director

Shep's Getting Love Bites

At a local Austin food truck, Shep is introduced to Amber and her adorable husky Moon. Amber and Shep have a lot in common, like their love for al pastor (Shep's name in Spanish) and their travels throughout the South. Shep thinks there's definitely something there, and we think Moon agrees.

Priscila, 34, TV producer

Did this Bachelorette Just Offend Shep?

Priscila, an Austin resident from Brazil, likes to joke around, but her dry humor makes Shep question how well she will fit in with his friends and family back home. But, he does have a thing for her fiery personality. 

Bella and Shep go on a unique date at an escape room in Brooklyn. It starts off rocky, but Bella's easy-going personality and maturity make it easy for her to find a way out of their cell...and possibly into Shep's heart.

Arden 30, client manager

Shep Suddenly Stops His Date

Trivia night looks promising, but when an emergency with Shep's producer Sarah occurs, he has to step away to support her. Will Shep and Arden be able to pick up where they left off?

Now that you have the rundown on some of the ladies, you tell us: who do you think should go back to Charleston with Shep? 

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