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Almost 3 years have passed since we first met Mr. Rose. Many questions have been answered and curiosities satiated. However, do we really know the real Shep? Does anyone? Is he a fast talking charlatan with the depth of a rain puddle? Or an intelligent, thoughtful, and supportive denizen of the booming metropolis of Charleston? Is he the hero we want? Or the gyro we need? Does he even know the answer to these questions?

What we do know is that The Ship (Shep) is on course and maintaining current cruising speed. Wind in its sails, booty secured in the galley. No doldrums on the horizon for this journey. Traveling remains a passion, as does socializing. One may ask if this sort of peripatetic life wears thin on a man. Shep would answer emphatically NO. It never does, and hopefully never will. For a rolling stone gathers no moss.

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