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Over a year has passed since we've last seen Mr. Shepard “Shep” Rose navigating the sometimes turbulent waters of the great city of Charleston. While he hasn’t changed, he has definitely evolved. Shep is still his roguish and irreverent self, however, time has softened some rough edges and allowed him to cultivate a number of endeavors. He's opened up a new restaurant and bar called the Palace Hotel that serves gourmet hot dogs, tacos, and cold beverages in an "off the beaten path" neighborhood in downtown Charleston. He also built a home in this same neighborhood, and has begun renovations on an old nightclub nearby that should be ready in the Spring. He's finally, after 35 years on this earth, starting to understand the basic tenets of adulthood. These may be the self-proclaimed halcyon days for Mr. Rose. However, he's also aware of the old dictum "just when you think you have it all figured out, the rug is pulled from underneath you." So Shep intends to remain vigilant, expose fraud, and fight injustice. In short, he will not rest on his laurels. 


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