The Shah of Bull Sh--

The Shah of Bull Sh--

Mike explains why he exploded during his confrontation with Reza at Asa's party.

Enough is enough! Who needs enemies when you have "friends" like Reza? What a joke. He's selfish, self-centered, and 98% fake. Reza has betrayed me in our business and personal relationship. He's pushed me too far this time. I have held in my anger, feelings of resentment, and disappointment towards him for way too long. I had not seen Reza in months and these issues had been brewing inside me for a long time. I was like a ticking time bomb. The only thing I could do to ease my pain was to drink!

I was super nervous about how things would go down at the Diamond Water launch. Reza wants to claim that I have a "drinking problem" and that I "party too much"? More slander, he's very good at that! He's not the Shah Of Sunset, he's the Shah Of Bull Sh--! If he had a heart, he would know how it feels when someone you care about rips it out of you and stomps on it; he has really hurt me.

[video_clip_url:]I sincerely apologize to Asa for being so rude and obnoxious at her party. I really couldn't control myself.

Best regards,
Mike Shouhed

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