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Mike: We Shouldn't Have Lost Our Tempers

Mike Shouhed opens up about what went down at the reconciliation dinner. 

By Mike Shouhed What inspired your new car purchase?

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Mike Shouhed: I have my ear to the pulse -- watches, cars, homes, apartment buildings, commercial centers! If they have a deal, they come to me, because they know I am in the market to buy good deals. My boys at Chicago Motor Cars, which I work very closely with, had this car come in and they let me know. I bought it over the phone! Didn't even see it until it got here from Chicago. I LOVE IT! The Bentley is a beast! What was going through your mind during the reconciliation dinner?

MS: Jessica is my ride or die! She was furious at the way my friends had been treating me lately -- gossip, sh-- talking, and making me feel secluded from the group. I would vent to her about how upset I was, fueling her fire. Then the fact that all of them knew GG was spreading rumors made us even more disappointed that my friends never told me so I could approach GG and get to the bottom of it. Unfortunately, the audience only sees what happens at dinner and not the full picture. Jessica is the most genuine, sweet, loving, and caring person I know. She was protecting me! Her emotions got the best of her and me that night. I’m sorry for the way we both acted. It was out of misdirected anger and frustration. 

Will Jessica Come Between Reza and Mike? Were you disappointed the dinner didn't go as planned?

MS: DUH! Of course! As soon as we left dinner, Jessica and I were very disappointed in ourselves! We are better than that. We shouldn’t have lost our tempers. I love my friends regardless of this entire situation. I know that we will all be close again.

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