Reza: I Left Thailand with Hope

Reza Farahan opens up about the Thailand trip and why he was excited to head home. What was your favorite part of the Thailand trip?
Reza Farahan: Duh! The tigers! Playing with and holding those baby tigers was definitely one of those magical moments that I'll never forget.

The Shahs Play with Tiger Cubs!
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Sign Up for Free to View What was going through your mind during the dinner that was supposed to be for your wedding?
RF: I was truly miserable and can't remember why I thought it would be a good idea to still have that dinner. I know it was paid for, but that was gut-wrenching. Seeing that wedding menu brought all of the emotions that I was fighting to suppress to the surface. That dinner was a big mistake. How were you feeling when it was time to head back home?
RF: I was actually thrilled to head back home, specifically to Adam, so that we could get to work on our relationship. I left Thailand with the strength and hope that I'd be able to make things work with Adam knowing that our biggest problems didn't compare to Asifa and bobby's smallest ones!

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