Reza: You Know Some Sh-- is Going to Go Down

Reza: You Know Some Sh-- is Going to Go Down

Reza Farahan talks about planning his bachelor party and not inviting Mike and Jessica to his wedding. Were you worried about throwing a secret bachelor party?

Reza Farahan: I was worried about having a secret bachelor party, because I know my girl MJ. Having her plan it is like having Bishop Don, Magic Juan, and Anna Nicole Smith planning your party. You know some sh-- is going to go down and you make sure your affairs are in order, just in case you don't make it.

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How to Plan a Secret 'Shahs' Bachelor Party Did you have fun at Asifa’s Bollywood party?

RF: I did have fun at Asifa's party because we got to dress up in costume, and I personally thought mine was the best. The party was a bit on the boring side until I started the cake fight! How difficult was it telling Mike he was not invited to the wedding?

RFTechnically Mike was invited to my wedding, but only if he came solo. Clearly after the reconciliation dinner everyone was able to see what an angry, hateful bitch Mike's wife is. Nobody in our crew wants to deal with that. Especially not me and especially not at my wedding. I do have to give Mike props though. He has a terrible track record and GG passed the lie detector test, yet his girl still believes him. That's what you call a pimp whose mastered the art persuasion or she's just a...

Mike's 'Training Day'

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