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BravoCon 2019 BravoCon

Austen Kroll Confirms His Current Relationship Status with Madison LeCroy — For This Week, at Least

Shep Rose also had an update on how he feels about the Southern Charm girlfriend during BravoCon 2019.

By Laura Rosenfeld

Austen Kroll and Madison LeCroy really kept us guessing about the status of their relationship last season of Southern Charm. One minute, they were together, the next they had broken up, and then the next they were getting their flirt on in a hot tub in Colorado.

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But by the time the Season 6 reunion rolled around, Austen and Madison confirmed that they were no longer together, although that didn't mean they weren't still "friends with benefits," as host Andy Cohen put it during the sit-down. They also threw us for a loop when they showed up to Halloween together dressed as President John F. Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe, even documenting a smooch on Instagram.

So, what's really going on with these two? Austen teased a bit of a relationship update during the Southern Charm: Mind Your Manors panel at BravoCon on Friday, November 15 (clip above). "This week, I'm doing well with Madison, so that's good. Maybe next week will change, so I'll let y'all know," he said. "I'm trying to focus on my business and stay positive."

When moderator Lea Palmieri from Decider tried to confirm if he and Madison were back together, Austen said, "You know, Madison has been a person for me for a long, long time, and it's very tough to walk away from something like that. She really is a hell of a woman. She's got it going on, so I find it hard to walk away from."

Austen opened up a little bit more about what makes Madison so irresistible during an interview with ET at BravoCon. "You know, she's just been a part of my life and, as I've kind of told everyone, it's like we've tried to do the adult and sensible thing like, let's just go our own ways and be happy with other people maybe, and we just went right back," he said. "I think that's called… what's that called? A soulmate? It might be."

The Southern Charm gent said that every time he and Madison tried to break things off, something always brought them back together. For instance, they would tell each other when they were going out on a date with someone else, to which they would say something like, "The hell you are!"

Shep Rose, who has been a vocal critic of their relationship, could be heard saying that Madison is Austen's "kryptonite" under his breath during the panel. "I'm staying out of it," Shep told ET at BravoCon. "I've learned my lesson, don't weigh in on matters of the heart, because you can't talk sense into anybody, you know? You're shouting into the wind. And I mean, I don't want an enemy in this world."

Shep added that "it's water under the bridge." "I did some things that I probably wish I hadn't and I think she would probably admit that she did the same, so anyway, that's where we're at," he said. "I wouldn't call it a stalemate. I would call it a truce."

Austen told ET that he and Madison are just taking it one week at a time in the hopes that they can "be good for, like, an extended period of time." "My mom's like, do I love her this week? Are you not with her?" he said. "And my little sister is like, 'Hey, Madison is in town, can I call her?' And it's like, it's not fair to family, it's not fair to friends but it's, like, I can't help it. What am I supposed to do? What am I supposed to do?"

Watch Austen and Madison discuss their relationship dynamic at the Southern Charm Season 6 reunion, below.

Austen Kroll Reveals the Status of His Relationship With Madison LeCroy
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