Shep: Its All Water Under the Bridge

Shep: Its All Water Under the Bridge

Shep explains why he was angry with Craig at the Wounded Warrior Charity Event. Have you recovered from being outbid by Craig at the benefit?

Shep Rose: No...I just walk around my house mumbling his winning bid and asking why? Why were you so angry with Craig after the auction?

SR: His behavior was insufferable all night...he was a nightmare a lot of the time. What's the biggest lesson you learned this season?

SR: Lesson? Maybe to mind my own business, at the end of the day we are often punished for our kindnesses. And it appears Craig came back to bite me.

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Shep and Craig's Beauty Routine Do you have any regrets about this season?

SR: Not really, I don't really look back very often, it's all water under the bridge.

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