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Thomas: 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover on Social Media

Thomas discusses his break up with Kathryn on Facebook and whether or not he'll ever run for office again...

By Thomas Ravenel How did you feel when Kathryn decided to stay in Jekyll Island instead of immediately coming back to Charleston?

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Thomas Ravenel: I didn't really know how to respond at first, but then I realized that I was disappointed and hurt. I needed support. I really needed support at that time. Was it surprising to learn that Craig convinced Kathryn to stay in Jekyll Island? Did you understand why he did?

TR: It was surprising and yet not surprising at all. Knowing Craig's recent choices anyone could see he wanted someone to party with and not judge him for it. Kathryn seemed to fit the bill. Do you have any regrets about breaking up with Kathryn on Facebook?

TR: Absolutely. Perhaps I should've just texted her. Paul Simon says it best in his song "Fifty Ways to Leave Your Lover" ... which predates Facebook. Perhaps he can rewrite the song to, "50 Ways to Leave Your Lover on Social Media". Seriously, my impulse was fueled by emotions which turned into the action of breaking up on Facebook. I regret that. I could have put myself on a 24 hour wait list for breaking up. I could have handled the situation better by taking the time to think about how I felt. To calm down, in order to make an honest assessment of the situation, starting with arranging a time we could meet at a public place to have a face to face conversation. That would have been more courageous and shown more integrity.

Thomas: Are You Kidding Me? Where's the Compassion? Were you surprised Kathryn showed up at your election party?

TR: Not at all. I welcomed her. I was glad she was there. I felt like she was supporting me. After time has passed do you ever see yourself running for office again? If not, what are your career plans for the future?

TR: I love politics, interacting with people and the challenge of creating solid changes in the government. However, if I do get the urge to run again I am going to start flushing 100 dollar bills down the toilet until the urge passes. As far as future career plans, I will continue to develop real-estate, and keep my main focus on my daughter.

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