Craig Conover

Craig, a native of Fenwick Island, Delaware, is a hyperactive mulit-tasker. As a third-year law student and law clerk to a prominent personal injury firm, he still lives an active social life and prioritizes a work-life balance. Rarely any down time, one can find him either at work, the library, on the water, or at a party enjoying everything Charleston has to offer. Craig graduated from College of Charleston with a Bachelor’s degree in Finance and found himself at Charleston School of Law with the ultimate goal of obtaining financial freedom by the age of 30. Craig grew up playing sports but his dream of playing baseball in college was shattered after he destroyed his elbow. Athleticism runs in his family, as his brother was an all-American soccer player at Roanoke College, Dad was an all-American lacrosse player at Salisbury University, and Mom was a champion gymnast. Having lived on the beach all of his life, he would find it extremely difficult to not live near a body of water. Craig doesn't know how to slow down but finds meditation in diving, golfing, shooting guns, or barhopping around whatever city he might find himself in. Craig also believes in the importance of giving back and does so by helping underprivileged children and their families through Guardian Ad Litem where he helps represent children who Social Services has removed from their homes and taken from their parents either because they were abused or neglected.