Craig Conover

Whether it’s in the office or out in a new city, Craig Conover is the person you want to be with. One of Craig’s best talents is the ability to make everyone around him smile. After graduating law school last summer from the Charleston School of Law, he has taken some time off to study for his Bar Exam. With all the free time, he is constantly struggling to keep Charleston’s nightlife from interfering with his studies. Whether it’s modeling, taking the boat out, or enjoying his status in the city, Craig is finding it harder and harder to keep up with his responsibilities. His biggest priority in life is still to become a gladiator in the courtroom, but stomping out Charleston’s overwhelming peer pressure is necessary to stay on track. 

Craig graduated from College of Charleston with a Finance degree in 2006. He grew up on the eastern shore of Delaware and comes from an incredibly athletic family. However, Craig’s athletic career was shattered after a sport’s ending elbow injury. So after winning a National Championship in a high school business competition, he set his sights on one day owning a string of law firms across the country.  

Craig doesn't know how to slow down but is able to get lost in diving, snowboarding, golfing, shooting guns, cooking, or barhopping around whatever city he might find himself in. Craig also believes in the importance of giving back and does so through the Special Olympics Organization and by doing pro bono work for struggling children and their families through the Guardian ad Litem program.


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