Whitney: I Would Never Begrudge Anyone Happiness

Whitney: I Would Never Begrudge Anyone Happiness

Whitney shares his thoughts on Thomas and Kathryn's relationship.

Bravotv.com: You really tried to advise Thomas not to continue his relationship with Kathryn. Did you ever think things would work out between them or did you always have reservations about their relationship?

Whitney Sudler-Smith: Initially I had hopes for the relationship and I thought that having a child would cement it, but there seemed to be a lot of trust issues on both sides. It seemed to disintegrate as time went on. Thomas would solicit my opinion and I would mirror what his friends, family, and lawyers advised him, which was that continuing the relationship would not be in his best interest. It wasn't just me, as I would never begrudge anyone happiness. I do wish the best for both of them, whether they’re together or not.

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Bravotv.com: We saw your band perform at the Wounded Warrior Project’s benefit, do you guys have any tour dates or do you mostly jam out for fun?

WSS: The Band, DUI Fridays was an excuse for old friends and former bandmates to get together and crank some Southern rock for a great cause. Brian Baker, of Minor Threat and Bad Religion provided the co-axe chords, and David Roach of Junkyard was on vocals. Andy Rapoport, of Kingface played bass, and Tomer Ram, the John Bonham of Israel rounded out the rhythm section. It was a great night for all.

Bravotv.com: What’s the biggest lesson you learned this season?

WSS: That I need to be more sardonic and glib.

Wait…maybe not.

Bravotv.com: Do you have any regrets about this season?

WSS: I sometimes felt the need to be outrageous, snobby or stir the pot, but that was clearly not needed.


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