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6 Things You Didn't See at the Southern Charm Reunion

Get behind-the-scenes tidbits on what happened when the cameras weren't rolling during the emotional sit-down.

The Southern Charm cast didn't hold back when they sat down together during the Season 3 reunion. No subject was left unmentioned — from Thomas Ravanel and Kathryn Dennis arguing over his friendship with Landon Clements, to Craig Conover explaining why he still hasn't taken the bar, nothing was off limits. But, when the cameras weren't rolling, the Charleston residents were able to relax a little bit. We were on set for the reunion taping — and here's everything you didn't see. 

1. There Was a Pre-Party of Two

Before the epic sit-down, Shep Rose and Craig Conover relaxed with some... wine. The duo sipped some rosé before taking the stage. How classy!

2. There Were Plenty of Compliments to Go Around

Andy chats with the Southern Charm crew on set.

Kathryn hangs with pal/mom-to-be Jennifer Snowden.

When Kathryn arrived on set, host Andy Cohen was floored by her dramatic look. "You look great. I feel really short," he said to the mom, who was wearing some sky-high heels. "I love. On point. " FYI, she had brought several outfit options to the taping before settling on her Southern gothic-inspired look. But it wasn't just Andy who welcomed the Charleston mom to set. Thomas Ravanel greeted her and even got up when she went to sit down on set. It was cordial and very southern gentleman like.

3. There Was Something That Floored Andy

Andy loved the plantation mansion-influenced set -- and who could blame him. "This is the most aggressive set that I feel like we've done -- in a good way," he shared before the cameras started rolling.

4. There Was Some Much-Needed Chill Time

Inside Craig's dressing room.

During the lunch break Kathryn went casual, walking around the backstage area in white leggings and flamingo slippers. We know how much the Charleston crew loves their flamingos. Before heading back, Craig got some last minute assist from his tailor who he brought to the taping.

5. There Was Coffee Talk

@thomasravenel and I enjoying the beautiful sunset

A photo posted by Whitney Sudler-Smith (@wsudlersmith) on

Things can get exhausting during a reunion, so at one point during a break the crew needed a little caffeine pick me up and ordered some coffee in.

6. There Was Hot Sauce

The Charmers come ready for anything.

And, yes, the backstage area was equipped with hot sauce. It's a move that would make Beyoncé proud.

Check out more BTS moments, below.

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