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S1 - E3

Ep 3: Connect/Disconnect

Kim and Dwight go out to a dinner where she schools him on the proper way to behave on a date with a girl. Not to be outdone, Dwight gives Kim some advice of his own on what it's like to be the founder of a start-up. A new love triangle arises when Hermione goes out on a date with Jay where the chemistry that was missing on his date with Sarah is plentiful. Meanwhile, Ben seeks Hermione's approval to take Sarah out on a date. David vents his frustrations about struggling to make ends meet while trying to launch his start-up, Goal Sponsors, and he decides to ask Sarah for a loan to ease the burden, but will she say yes? And when David brings his friends together for a night of line dancing, Sarah finds out about Jay's date with Hermione, which puts her in an emotional tailspin.
Aired: 11/19/2012