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Jules Daoud Opens up About Her Weight Loss from Intermittent Fasting

The Summer House newcomer says intermittent fasting "changed [her] mindset" after losing her father. 

By Hannah Chambers
Jules Daoud Weight Loss

As a lifestyle content creator, Jules Daoud is constantly sharing the details of her life with her followers. The Summer House beauty recently opened up about her experience with intermittent fasting, and the extremely personal reason she decided to make a change for her health. 

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In a July 10 Instagram Story, Jules noted that she’d been receiving “a lot of questions about intermittent fasting,” including why she started, and what and when she eats in a day. Before diving into the specifics of her daily diet, Jules explained what inspired her to transform her lifestyle in the first place. 

Jules shared a photo of herself from 2010, adding that at the time, she weighed 190 pounds. “Unhealthy mind and body, depressed after losing my dad, and felt trapped and unhappy,” she wrote. Beneath the photo from 10 years ago, Jules included a more recent shot, writing, “Changed my mindset, committed to being healthy, started intermittent fasting.” 

Jules Daoud Weight Loss 1

Jules then described the “16/8 Method” of intermittent fasting that she follows,  in which she eats in an eight hour period (between 12 and 8 p.m.) and fasts for the next 16 hours. 

“During the ‘fasting’ period, the body benefits from a process called autophagy, AKA it’s your body cleaning itself,” Jules wrote. “The body spends a lot of time processing food, so your cells have this time to repair, rest, and rejuvenate.”

She also explained the “additional benefits” of intermittent fasting, adding that she experiences “mental clarity,” as she says “fasting is like exercise for your brain. Helps with memory and learning.” Jules also wrote that the practice is a mood booster, because “after a week of IF, the brain increases the release of endorphins,” and “causes an increase in a molecule called BDNF (brain-derivates neurotrophic factor) which plays a role in regulating serotonin, improves synaptic plasticity, and increases brain’s ability to resist aging.”  

In another slide, Jules noted that she is commonly asked if she counts calories, to which she responded, "Absolutely not.  I stopped counting calories years ago because it took me down a dangerous path of disordered eating."

Jules is not the only Summer House cast member who has experienced a body transformation due to intermittent fasting. In April, Amanda Batula revealed she lost “between 15 to 20 pounds” since her first season of the show. 

“For everyone who asks me about my intermittent fasting, @simplyjules_has posted a full breakdown in her stories of what she does,” Amanda wrote in an Instagram Story. “I was more strict with my intermittent fasting when I was trying to drop those few extra pounds. Now that I am just trying to maintain my weight, I do this 2-3 times a week (and admittedly usually always end up eating past 8 p.m.)” 

Amanda also noted that although intermittent fasting is “not for everyone,” and may affect additional personal health issues, it’s something that worked for her and Jules. 

Jules Daoud Weight Loss 2

Any health-related information is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of a physician or other qualified health provider for any questions you may have regarding a medical condition, or before embarking on any diet, exercise, or wellness program.

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