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S5 - E3

Ep 3: Top Cuts

Top Cuts salon in Bethpage, New York is far closer to the bottom than the top. After leaving her business to battle breast cancer, owner and former Tabatha protégé Chris Smith is scared to return to work, and tries to run her salon with an iron fist from the comforts of her home. With Chris’s front desk receptionist acting as her eyes and ears when she isn’t around, Chris is really hiding a much bigger secret that explains why she knows everything that goes on in her salon. When Tabatha arrives, she steps into a battle zone between a disgruntled manager who feels unappreciated, a loyal receptionist who is labeled a snitch, and a staff who have ironically nicknamed the salon “Chop Cuts.” Tabatha has one week to help her former student rediscover her passion, and get her to understand that in order to be a leader and save her business, she can’t have someone else’s eyes do the following.

Aired: 04/18/2013