Adrienne Maloof Explains her Golden Locks

Adrienne Maloof Explains her Golden Locks

Love it or hate it, the Beverly Hills Housewife is sticking by her mane.

By Lauren Metz

Every Housewife loves flashing major bling, but The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Adrienne Maloof might be the only one flashing it from her head. 

"I have this fierce feminine streak, because growing up in a household full of boys, I decided early on to really celebrate my femininity," the Wife tells Real Housewives of Twitter. "I'm also a big believer in being creative with fashion, and the gold strands are just so much fun. They've actually turned into something of a trademark of my look and style. I've received hundreds of inquiries from women wanting to know where to get them, so I guess the saying is true – girls do just wanna have fun."

For a woman who owns a Las Vegas casino, Adrienne comes across as more of a serious businesswoman than party blonde on the Strip. But this gazillionaire credits her three young sons for reminding her to lighten up every once in a while.

"I'm very influenced by my children. Their version of joy and happiness is so simple that they remind me constantly to just stop, breathe and to have some fun."

Despite that easy-going motto, the tiny Housewife is quick to remind people that she can still kick their ass.

"I'm very petite, and that sometimes gives people the wrong idea about my personality and physicality. I see people size me up and then decide that someone as small in stature as I am must be small of voice or strength. I'm not someone who backs down. I grew up in a house with four headstrong and dynamic brothers, so I learned early on to be unafraid of stating my opinion, to stand by my convictions, and if all else fails to just kick ass. And I can literally kick their asses; just don't tell them I said that."

More power to you, girl!

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