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The Daily Dish Manzo'd With Children

How Did Albie Manzo Feel About Turning 30?

The #Manzod son was motivated to turn his life around.

By Laura Rosenfeld
Albie Manzo Discusses His New Workout Philosophy

The show may be called Manzo'd with Children, but the Manzo kids are definitely growing up. In fact, Season 3 of Manzo'd with Children ended with the famiglia celebrating eldest son Albie Manzo's 30th birthday in May. 

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Hitting that milestone birthday "was a real mix" for Albie, he told The Daily Dish. "When I was turning 30, I had just moved back to Hoboken and I had got out of a relationship and was doing my work. I made a couple of really, really big decisions that set me up on my own, having no idea what I wanted to do," he explained. "Coming out of college, you have this plan for your life until it happens and changes. One day, you just wake up and you’re like, 'Wow, the first number of my age is going to change.' As I look back on the decade of my 20s, at first, I was like, what do I have to show for it, No.1, and where do I want to go, No.2.  I look at it and say to myself, 'Am I really proud of where I’m at?'" 

Albie said that about six months before his 30th birthday, he felt like he needed to make some changes in his life. "I called [trainer] Rodrick [Covington] and said, 'Let’s get to work.' I wrote out some things that I wanted to accomplish in my career life," he said. "I can honestly say, literally, that more or less all of them happened or didn’t happen for the right reasons, one way or the other. I became super responsible for myself and got to a place where I was excited to wake up in the morning. That’s where I really wanted to be. I’m happy to be there. For a lot of different reasons, it’s a really exciting time."

It takes a real man to float around in a pink doughnut @albiemanzo

A photo posted by Caroline Manzo (@carolinemanzo) on

These days, Albie is looking better than ever, thanks to his new workout regimen. We mean, have you seen that six-pack? He also just launched his latest business venture, a new meal delivery service called Core Rhythm Fitness Meals that makes and ships fresh, healthy, and delicious food, which he's also working with with Rodrick on. 

Albie said that he's hoping to start a new fitness routine with Rodrick either at the end of this year or at the beginning of 2017, and he's now going to try to put some weight on. Though Albie's mom Caroline Manzo told him that he had become "too skinny" after he got in shape this season of Manzo'd with Children (clip below), he said that wasn't the reason for him wanting to bulk up a little more, adding that he has only lost about 5 to 10 pounds. "They’ve been saying that since I was 11 years old," Albie joked. "A lot of what I wanted to accomplish in my life throughout the years has a lot to do with me identifying with myself and saying, 'All right, well, I’m making decisions for me and not for anybody else.' And I really, really, really mean that. If I make a decision, it’s for me."

Is Albie too Skinny?

Learning how to eat healthily on his current fitness plan has taught Albie other valuable lessons. "That's not a diet. That’s a lifestyle change. You're changing your entire life. That’s a decision. You’re not ever going to look at yourself the same way. I don’t want to go back," he said. "When you’re cutting certain foods out or certain habits out of your life that are counterproductive for what you’re trying to achieve, it’s the same way in your relationships with people. There are certain people, for whatever reason, are just not good in your environment, and they kind of set you back. You start to really learn how to pick up on those things and apply it."

All of Albie's hard work has certainly paid off. See what we mean, below.

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