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Here Is the Untold Story of Andy Cohen's Wild and Epic Baby Shower (UPDATED)

Andy Cohen and party guests share the ultimate oral history of the 2019 event.

By Jocelyn Vena
Go Inside Andy Cohen's Wild Baby Shower

UPDATED (MAY 3, 8:48 A.M): Three years later, the baby shower remains a buzzy topic for the Real Housewives who attended and given how legendary it has become, we're not very surprised by that at all. In an interview for Bravo Insider's Housewife to Housewife, released in April 2022, The Real Housewives of New Jersey's Dolores Catania and The Real Housewives of Potomac's Robyn Dixon reflected on the baby shower that they say highlighted the "unspoken bond" between the Real Housewives.

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You can hear their full recollection of the wild and now iconic event, by pressing play on the video below.

Robyn and Dolores on How Andy Cohen's Baby Shower Highlighted the "Unspoken Bond" Between the Housewives

The original story continues below.

On January 26, 2019, Andy Cohen and the Real Housewives (and a few other close pals) gathered at The Palm Beverly Hills in Los Angeles to celebrate the joyful news that the Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen host was about to become a first-time dad. The now-legendary baby shower took place just days before Benjamin Allen Cohen was born on February 4, 2019 — and yet here we are, and the world is still talking about it.

While there are moments that are still living on as memes, The Daily Dish spoke to some of the partygoers, including the man of honor himself; party-planning committee member The Real Housewives of New Jersey’s Teresa GiudiceThe Real Housewives of Potomac’s Ashley Darby; one of the few guys in the room, Jerry O’Connell; and Andy’s assistant and Oxygen’s Martinis and Murder podcast co-host Daryn Carp, to find out everything that went down during the now-mythological event that didn’t end up on social media.

The Daily Dish, in an interview shared exclusively with Bravo Insider members, is getting the never-before-told stories from that epic day. 

And in case you were wondering, Andy knew it was going to get wild from “the moment I walked in!“ 

It All Started on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, Because, Of Course...

In December 2018, Andy announced he was having a baby, via surrogate, on WWHL. That night, the guests were the Real Housewives OGs: Teresa, Kyle Richards, Nene Leakes, Ramona Singer, and Vicki Gunvalson.

Teresa: I felt so special. Remember my reaction? I felt so special to be part of that. I'm, like, so happy to be part of that. I thought he was resigning or something. Or I thought he was getting another job and I was like, oh my god, he can't leave us, you know. 

The Planning

Andy Cohen Baby Shower Oral History 09

Those five women would later combine their fashionable forces to become the planning committee for Andy’s baby shower.

Teresa:  We were all excited about it. Kyle did a lot of it because she's the one that lives in California. She just told [us] what was going on and everything. We were all in agreeance, the five of us… we were the godmothers.

Cut to January 2019... and a Room Filled with Housewives

Andy Cohen Baby Shower Oral History 05
Andy Cohen Baby Shower Oral History 02

Teresa: Andy's loved. I was happy that everybody came. I was expecting that.

Daryn: It was 40 Housewives all in one place celebrating the future of Benjamin. It was the first time for that ever! It was a surprise to see everyone in one place and hanging out, but it wasn’t a surprise that all of these Housewives turned out for Andy. I knew it was going to be unprecedented… I could tell he was so touched and surprised. He was so honored to be there surrounded by his close friends and the Housewives.

Andy: The energy was completely electric. Every single person in that room knew they were a part of something big that had never happened before and will never again. The fact that there were no TV cameras there made it extra unique and special.

The Vibe

Andy Cohen Baby Shower Oral History 04

The party was themed  A Star is Born and the planning committee went all out with the décor.

Andy: I was blown away by the room. There were thousands of flowers, balloons, a photo booth, a DJ, and they re-imagined the Beverly Hills Palms. I knew that this was a big Beverly Hills event, that no expense had been spared, and that this was going to be incredible.  

Andy Cohen Baby Shower Oral History 03

Ashley: I was pregnant, so I was sober on the sidelines. I’ve never had FOMO before, but I had FOMO to the Nth degree at Andy’s shower because everyone was just like, we were all friends. And even people who hadn’t met before, you know? I’ve met quite a few of the Housewives before, but even those who I hadn’t met were so warm and so welcoming. Everyone was free to let loose and let their hair down. Like I said, my FOMO was on a thousand. So, Erika Jayne comes over to me, and she goes, "So, like, when is the baby coming?" And I was like, "What are you talking about?" She said, "Well, obviously, you’re pregnant." I said, "Erika, what?" I wasn’t even really showing, but girlfriend just called me out.

Daryn: I couldn't believe how incredibly it all came together and how classy everything was. This was not my normal baby shower. My mood by the end of the day was pure exhaustion and bliss.

Lisa Rinna, Need We Say More? Well, Yes...

Andy Cohen Baby Shower Oral History 07

At some point during the bash, Lisa decided to turn up the mood to full-throttle party when she jumped up on the table to dance.

Teresa: I loved watching everybody, you know. Lisa Rinna was awesome.  Ramona and Nene — they were all getting down and dirty. I loved it. It was awesome.

Jerry: There was a lot of one-upmanship… [And] the ultimate dance battle at this party, and it moved to the tables, and then my job became making sure people who were on those tables were not gonna come down. You’ll see some footage, someone took some Instagram footage of me holding a table with Lisa Rinna. When Lisa Rinna did that famous dance, I was holding that table.

Daryn: Lisa Rinna, although I shouldn't be surprised as I am no stranger to her dance moves, but witnessing it firsthand, touched my soul! I am constantly in awe of her and her energy. She makes me laugh and want to dance at the same time. [My favorite memory was] watching all the Housewives dance on the tables with Rinna taking over the mic to tell all the women to dance.

Ashley: I wanted to be up on that table so bad, let me tell you. First, it was very demure hostess Lisa, and then as the lights went down, Lisa turned up and she just got the party going. Now, I don’t even know when it happened. She just became this party dancing machine.

A Bonding Experience

Andy Cohen Baby Shower Oral History 12

Teresa: I have to say everybody was very friendly. They were lovely. I feel like we all bonded. This was just Housewives. So I felt like that was special. There was just Housewives, which I felt was pretty amazing. We enjoyed ourselves. You got to see everybody let loose.

Jerry: It was unbelievable, and it was so much fun, and you know what? It was filled with love. 

Andy Cohen Baby Shower Oral History 08
Andy Cohen Baby Shower Oral History 11

Ashley: Irrespective of what city you were from or even whatever beefs anyone had, everything was just put aside and everyone was just celebrating Andy and you could see his smile. When I say it was a mile wide, it was a mile wide. He was so excited and so happy. You could just feel his energy radiating off of him. It was nice.


Andy Baby Shower 08

Ashley:  My favorite moment was when the original Housewives, the OGs, when they all went around and they said a few things to Andy. I really liked that because this franchise, the Housewives franchise has come a long way. They really helped to get the franchise to where it is. I mean, all of us have obviously played a part, but they were the original people to help with their franchises. So, it was really nice to hear them speak and just hear the fond memories that they had to say about Andy, who have known him for longer than many of us have.

Andy: I was incredibly flattered and touched by the effort made by Kyle, Vicki, Ramona, Teresa, and Nene in throwing me a shower in the first place… getting on planes and spending so much money for such an incredible event. The fact that so many women from so many cities joined them — on their own dimes — absolutely floored me.

After the Party...

Andy Baby Shower 11

Teresa: We went to Craig's…  I was with a few [people]. I remember leaving with Kyle and I think Tamra [Judge]. I think Jennifer [Aydin] came from my cast. I think Nene was there. We were all there.

Andy: I went back to Bruce Bozzi’s and sat with my mouth hanging open. Most of the Housewives went on to Craig’s to drink more. I was too blown away to keep going... my mood at the end of the day was just ebullient. I was walking on air. And exhausted.

Can it Be Topped?

Andy Cohen Baby Shower Oral History 01
Andy Cohen Baby Shower Oral History 06

Andy: NO!

Teresa: I wish I danced more at his baby shower. My feet were killing me. My shoes, they were the worst. I'm going to definitely get down and dirty with him [if there’s a next time]… I can't wait 'til he finds a partner… oh, my god, that would be so much fun [if we threw him a bachelor party]. That would be even more epic... I definitely think we could top it. And next time I'm making sure I'm going to dance more.

Jerry: It was something only dreams are made of. And I don’t think there will be anything like it. I mean, the only thing can happen is that Andy has to have another child, we get to do it again.

Ashley: Honestly, don’t know what could top it. If anything, it would definitely be something for Andy. I think that would be the crème-de-la-crème again. And whatever it is, I’m down for it. And hopefully I won’t be pregnant that next time so I can actually, you know, get down with the get down like everybody else. But I do feel lucky that I have a very clear and vivid memory of it at least.

Andy Baby Shower 02 0

Jerry: I think [people are still talking about it] because the Avengers assembled for a common purpose, and that purpose, the love-filled reason [was Andy]. And while it was a lot of fun, there was a lot of love in the room.

Daryn: Because it was the first and (most likely) last time a gathering like this could happen. A party like that can never be replicated.

Andy: Because it’s never happened before and won’t again. It was truly like the Avengers finale.

Andy Cohen Baby Shower Oral History 10


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