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Here's What Anisha Ramakrishna's Family Thinks of Her Freezing Her Eggs

The Family Karma cast member opens up about the journey we'll see her go through in Season 2.

By Laura Rosenfeld
Anisha Ramakrishna Has an Emotional Conversation with Her Mom About Freezing Her Eggs

The Family Karma crew had many major life updates to share when we caught up with them in the Season 2 premiere, which aired on June 2. Everyone seemed to be figuring out the next chapter of their lives, from relationships to residences.

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Anisha Ramakrishna took perhaps the biggest leap. After some emotional moments shared with her mother, Chitra, in Season 1 while discussing the possibility of freezing her eggs (clip above), Anisha revealed at the very start of the Season 2 premiere that she had decided to move forward with the process.

Anisha recently told Page Six about what it was like sharing that journey this season of Family Karma. “I wanted to share it,” she said. “And of course being from a conservative family, my mom was like, ‘I don’t know if I want you to talk about that because it’s a medical topic and it’s also very personal.’ So there was a little bit of a decision-making process that had to happen with me and my mom because my mom is also like my ‘momager.'”

She said that her mom "also didn't know much about" the process of freezing your eggs. “You know, they’re a different generation. They didn’t freeze their eggs. If you didn’t have kids in her day, then you just didn’t have them. They didn’t have these options," Anisha explained. “And so I wanted to share my story of, like, I’m freezing my eggs. I’m all about being a power female and giving zero Fs and here you see me being really vulnerable. Like, I couldn’t believe I had to do this.”

It was actually one of Anisha's aunties who first gave her the idea to look into freezing her eggs. “There is a particular auntie who has been telling me to do this for the past three to four years,” Anisha recently told Decider in a separate interview. “She was like, can you just please freeze your eggs? Because in her own personal experience, she was 36, not married, and then when she did get married, she did have some difficulty having a child. Now she has three and they’re all from the eggs that she froze when she was in her early 30s. I always kind of ignored her because three to four years ago, I never thought I’d be not married, or at least with someone significant that I’d be wanting to have a child with.”

But Anisha wasn't inspired to start this journey for herself until last September when she turned 36 and was staying with a friend going through the process. “I didn’t listen to the auntie that was telling me for four years, but I listened to my friend. I finally just made the appointment and that first consultation was a huge slap in the face because it was reality," she recalled. "On the show and in my life, I’m like, ‘I’m a power bitch. Everything works out for me. LOA, law of attraction. I’m going to manifest everything, you can have it all.’ The doctor was like, actually, you might not. It was devastating.”

However, Anisha said that she appreciated that her doctor didn't "sugarcoat anything" and that she "learned so much" during that initial appointment.

Anisha also told Decider that going through the process as a single woman was "tough" and made her feel like "time is running out," which she said she had "never felt like that before." "Fortunately, or unfortunately, freezing my eggs made me think about all those things that I avoid, suppress, or don’t care about," Anisha shared. "The possibility of not having [kids] is what scared me.”

We'll see how Anisha's friends respond to her decision to freeze her eggs this season of Family Karma, but she said of her family, "Everyone’s always supportive. I’d say in all cultures, this is fairly new, so they’re supportive, but they also don’t get it. So when people don’t understand something, I know we resort to humor, right? And that’s what’s great about our show. It’s so funny, but sometimes it’s a serious topic and you’re having an internal meltdown that you’re freezing your eggs.”

We also see Anisha's mom, Chitra, administering one of her shots in the trailer for Season 2 of Family Karma. Anisha recently told ET that she believes that her mom is now "happy" and "content" with her decision to freeze her eggs.

Anisha told Decider that she has inspired other friends to look into freezing their eggs, while she said others are still “very c’est la vie, it is what it is" about it. “Then one day, you might want a child and you actually won’t be able to have your own if you want your own," she said. "There are other options, obviously, but I encourage women to freeze their eggs because you don’t know, your mind is going to change. Mine did.”

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Photo: Anisha Ramakrishna/Instagram

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