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The Daily Dish Winter House

What Happened Between Tom Schwartz and Katie Flood After Winter House Season 3 Wrapped

Plus, see what Tom Schwartz revealed about Katie Maloney and Katie Flood.

By Allison Crist

Tom Schwartz and Katie Flood's ignited a spark on Winter House Season 3, but is the flame still burning now that filming's wrapped? 

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They answered this exact question during the Winter House Season 3 reunion on December 19. Plus, in addition to sharing an update on where they stand today, the Vanderpump Rules cast member and Below Deck Mediterranean yachtie also reflected on a few things that went down in Steamboat Springs, from that bathroom hookup to Tom's issue with Katie's name.

Keep reading for all the details. 

Are Tom Schwartz and Katie Flood still in touch after Winter House Season 3?

Tom and Katie Flood are in touch "sporadically," she revealed during the Season 3 reunion. What's more, they hung out after filming wrapped in Los Angeles.

They weren't alone, though — Katie's BFF and Winter House-mate Malia White was also along for the ride. As Tom shared, "I took them on a little WeHo crawl. It was fun." 

At one point, they even "did jello shots out of syringes." 

Tom and Katie didn't provide many additional details about their LA hangout, but the latter cast member did clarify one thing: She did not suffer from a "sex-related injury," as Andy had put it when asking her about a bruise she had. 

Tom Schwartz and Katie Flood sitting next to each other at the Winter House reunion.

Katie Flood's Thoughts on Tom Schwartz After Watching Vanderpump Rules Season 10

Katie didn't just hang out with Tom after filming for Winter House Season 3 wrapped — she also completed her long-overdue task of watching Vanderpump Rules Season 10

"It's funny, I'm getting a lot of sh-t for this because people just cannot fathom it because I'm in the Bravo world — I genuinely didn't know," Katie said of the Tom Sandoval-related drama that Schwartz was dealing with when he entered the Winter House. "Like, we heard a little rumor that these two Tom guys were coming, that they were caught up in this big thing, and that was literally the extent of it."

"I didn't really understand the severity of the situation," Katie continued, "but everything made sense after because I did go and watch the most recent season of Vanderpump [Rules]. And then it was kind of like the penny dropped."

Tom Schwartz Reflects on the Katie Maloney-Related Problem He Had with Katie Flood

Speaking of Vanderpump Rules, fans may recall that one of Schwartz's main issues he encountered in the Winter House just so happened to involve his ex-wife, Katie Maloney.

More specifically, he was entirely unable to call Katie Flood by her first name without thinking about Katie Maloney. As Andy put it on the reunion, "It seemed like your hangup on her name was a little intense."

Split of Katie Maloney backstage at Bravocon 2023, Tom Schwartz at WWHL, and Katie Flood at Bravocon 2023.

Reflecting on said hangup, Schwartz said, "I was thinking back to when I kissed you-know-who in Mexico and it really pricked someone's feelings that's very near and dear to me, and I just somehow thought it was going to be disrespectful hooking up with someone on camera."

Andy, however, issued Schwartz an important reminder about Katie Maloney. "Tom, how many times have we gone over this? Her only rule was that you not hook up with what?"

"...Anyone in the friend group," Schwartz replied, prompting Andy to point out that Katie Flood is indeed not in said friend group.

"But she's in the Bravo-verse," Schwartz argued, before sharing that regardless of his feelings on the matter, Katie Maloney has been "very supportive" of Katie Flood. "She's a huge fan," he added.

Katie Flood Sets the Record Straight on Her Bra Toss

Katie Flood took a turn in the hot seat when it came time to discuss her and Schwartz's makeout session in the bathroom. Fans may recall that the two entered the bathroom, only for the door to quickly reopen as Katie threw her bra out and then once again closed the door. 

"Okay, listen, can I explain the bra toss?" she said with a laugh. "I was de-micing myself!"

"My mic was always attached to my bra," Katie added. "That's why you would find my bras in the morning because I would just take them off when I was done."

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