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Anila Sajja's Reunion Receipts Lead to a Major Moment with Toya Bush-Harris

Find out where the Married to Medicine ladies stand today after their Season 8 drama.

By Laura Rosenfeld
Anila Sajja Toya Bush Harris Reunion

After welcoming Anila Sajja to her neighborhood, Toya Bush-Harris introduced her new pal to her group of friends in Season 8 of Married to Medicine. However, this friendship soon went south after Toya called Anila out, alleging that she didn't pay for her hair and makeup on time during the Washington, D.C. trip.

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The tension between these onetime besties and questions about those glam bills were still a major topic of conversation during Part 1 of the Married to Medicine Season 8 reunion, which aired on June 27. Even though Toya still questioned the timeliness of the payments, Anila set the record straight that she did pay for her hair and makeup on time, even bringing out receipts to show proof.

After saying during the Jekyll Island getaway that she still needed some time when it came to their friendship, Toya shared at the reunion where she currently stands with Anila. "It's been a long moment. I mean, Anila hurt my feelings to a place where I don't trust her," Toya explained. "Our friendship broke up because I asked her to pay a hairstylist or something like that on time, and that's petty."

Anila then said that she felt like Toya put her "on blast" and "in front of these girls that I was still getting to know." She also told Toya, "You treat me like a puppet. I mean, that's why they did call me that. I'm your lapdog."

Toya said that Anila "cannot blame me for her calling you out your name." We then saw footage from the season in which it was shown that Dr. Heavenly Kimes had called Anila Toya's "little muppet."

Toya ultimately apologized for how she handled things with Anila this season. "OK, Anila, I'm sorry I was so aggressive in my approach to you," she said. "I shouldn't have hurt your feelings, because if I'm your friend, I shouldn't be breaking you down."

Anila revealed what she missed most about her friendship with Toya, sharing that she "was so excited to move to the neighborhood to have that friend that would be like four houses down." She also got emotional while talking about how important Toya is to her kids, daughter Aryana and son Avir, as well. "They love you, Toya," Anila said, adding that "it would be great" for her and Toya to get back to that place in their friendship.

That was something that Toya also hoped to achieve. "We could leave it in the past and move forward," she said. "But I don't want to move forward with you if we have another falling out and I gotta worry about Anila talking behind my back."

Reunion host Andy Cohen said that there seemed to be hope that Toya and Anila could one day get their friendship back on track. "I feel some positivity," he said. "I feel like maybe we could close this out with a little hug it out before we go to break."

Toya and Anila, who it was also pointed out were wearing similar gowns at the reunion, then got up to give each other a warm hug and a kiss.

The Married to Medicine Season 8 reunion continues with Part 2 on Sunday, July 11 at a special time of 10:15/9:15c, followed by Part 3 on Sunday, July 18 at a special time of 10:15/9:15c.

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