Married To Medicine Season 8 Headshot Anila Sajja

Anila Sajja

Born and raised in Savannah, Ga., with a proud Indian-American heritage, Anila Sajja is a renaissance woman in every sense of the word. She graduated from Mercer University and took the corporate world by storm in the cosmetic and fashion industry with a global executive position. As she advanced in her career, Sajja decided to go after her true passion for fashion and, with her creative eye, blossomed it into a successful career as a fashion blogger and social media influencer. She has collaborated with several fashion and beauty brand while lending her expertise to develop innovative content. 

This year Sajja embraced a new challenge as an entrepreneur by partnering with Private Label to open her own hair and beauty retail showroom. 
Sajja met her husband, Dr. Kiran Sajja, who is a successful oculofacial plastic surgeon. They have been married for nine years and share two energetic and rambunctious children together, 7-year-old Aryana and 5-year-old Avir. During her spare time, Sajja enjoys time with her family and friends, Bollywood dancing, traveling, working out and, of course, shopping.