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The Daily Dish Below Deck Down Under

Captain Jason Chambers Lets Someone Go on Below Deck Down Under

Could even more changes be on the way for the Thalassa crew?

By Laura Rosenfeld
Daily Dish Bddu Jason Chambers Crew

This article contains MAJOR SPOILERS about Season 1, Episode 13 of Below Deck Down Under.

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The Thalassa crew is not exactly where Captain Jason Chambers would like it to be at this point in the charter season on Below Deck Down Under. So, in an effort to right this ship, Captain Jason made the difficult decision to let someone go.

In Season 1, Episode 13 of the Peacock original series, Captain Jason let Aesha Scott know he had a backup stew waiting if she wanted to make some changes to the interior team. The chief stew has noted issues with Magda Ziomek’s performance and focus this season, as the third stew frequently communicated with her boyfriend, Maciek, back home.

After a discussion with second stew Tumi Mhlongo, Aesha told Captain Jason she thought it would be best for the crew if he let Magda go and brought someone new on board. “So, I’ve thought about Magda. I think it’s in our best interest if we find an experienced replacement,” she said. “As you said, this isn’t a training vessel. We’re going into charter eight. No one should be having to pick up anyone’s slack.”

Captain Jason agreed with Aesha’s assessment of Magda. “You’re echoing the things that I’ve been seeing,” he said. “So that’s fine.”

Aesha opened up more on how she felt about her decision in an interview during the episode. “My responsibility lies to the guests, to the captain, to Tumi,” she explained. “I don’t feel great, but being a leader, sometimes you do actually just have to make those tough decisions.”

Captain Jason then called Magda into the bridge to deliver the news. “We run with three stewardesses on a big boat. Unfortunately, your experience is not where I want the three girls to be at. I really enjoy working with you as a crew member. But going through for the next two charters, I really need this team to fire,” he told the stew. “So I’m gonna let you go. It’s sad news, but that’s where we’re at.”

Magda appeared to be confused, as she thought her work was up to par. “It’s improving, but not at the pace that I want,” Captain Jason told her. “And I need people at Tumi and Aesha’s level.”

Their conversation ended on a positive note, with Magda thanking Captain Jason for all of his mentorship this season and assuring him that she would be doing the work of two stews in the future. Captain Jason then advised Magda to “take something out of this to the next thing.”

Things got emotional when Magda informed Tumi and deckhand Brittini Burton that she would be leaving the Thalassa crew. “It is sad, but it is like that in yachting. And I love being here, but the same time, it’s like I cannot be fully focused on here because there’s so much else going on in my life,” Magda told her crewmates. “People get fired because other people have different expectations. And I almost made it to the end.”

Earlier in the episode, we learned the fate of deckhand Benny Crawley after some issues with his manager, bosun Jamie Sayed. “I had to make a decision. We just can’t have you going against the grain,” Captain Jason told Benny. “That being said, I’ve spoken to the deck crew individually. They want you part of their team. Now, I feel the same. I think you can grow and get back on your tracks. There needs to be an improvement. If it goes back a little bit, we’re making a change next charter, OK?”

Captain Jason explained why he decided to keep Benny as part of the crew in an interview during the episode. “With Jamie and Benny, you’ve got two different personalities,” he said. “But at the end of the day, this is something they can actually sort out, and it might help both of them to learn to communicate with each other.”

Jamie agreed to move forward with Benny, but he didn’t think Captain Jason made the right call. “This just confirms that Captain Jason doesn’t have Bosun Jamie’s back. Jason keeps ignoring everything that I’m trying to bring to the table or remove off the table to make my team a better deck team,” he said in an interview in the episode. “He doesn’t believe that I could be a good leader.”

The incident seemed to light a fire under Benny. “I’ve been given another chance. I don’t want to be in this situation with Jamie,” he said in an interview during the episode. “I can’t take this opportunity for granted. I’m gonna make it to the end. I’m just gonna work the hardest I possibly can.”

But will Chef Ryan McKeown be as lucky? Captain Jason hasn’t been satisfied with his cooking this season, even going so far as to see if a replacement chef is available. The episode ended with Captain Jason going to talk to Ryan in the galley before the words “to be continued” appeared on the screen.

Below Deck Down Under is streaming now on Peacock with new episodes every Thursday.

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