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The Daily Dish Below Deck Sailing Yacht

Mads Herrera Has a Really Surprising Take on Hooking Up with Gary King Over Alex Propson

Get details on one of the two (!) love triangles shaking things up on Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 4.

By Shannon Raphael

A new love triangle is brewing on Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 4 — and this time it’s between Mads Herrera and deck team members Gary King and Alex Propson.

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Though Alex and Mads connected early on in the season (before Gary even arrived to Parsifal III, really), the junior stew hooked up with Gary following the second charter. Since then, Mads and Gary have had a thing going on, but Mads has also been exploring her feelings for Alex.

Things are getting complicated for the three on the sailing vessel, and Mads opened up about her hookup regrets on Episode 12, which aired on June 19.

Alex Propson’s Thoughts on Mads Herrera

Though Alex made out with chief stew Daisy Kelliher in the hot tub after the first crew night out, he’s been enjoying getting to know Mads. On Episode 12, the pair spent time together on deck while the guests were eating dinner. 

“Don’t get me wrong, I love working,” Alex said. “But I would rather hang out with Mads.”

The two spoke more about their connection when they went out for dinner after the charter guests left.

A three way split of Gary King, Mads Herrera and Alex Propson all on Watch What Happens Live

Alex Propson and Mads Herrera’s Cozy Interaction

While Gary, Daisy, and Colin MacRae (who are in their own love triangle) decided to ride together in a van to the crew dinner, Mads and Alex sat next to each other in the car with Lucy Edmunds, chef Ileisha Dell, and Chase Lemacks

“I’d be down to start drama if me and Alex made out,” Mads said. When Alex pretended to make a move, Mads responded, “I was down for it. I didn’t even flinch.”

Before they got out of the vehicle, Alex shared a kiss with Mads and Lucy. 

“I expected a lot more, Alex,” Mads teased.

“You’d get a lot more,” Alex responded.

Once the crew arrived at dinner, Mads and Alex sat next to each other — and they later discussed the junior stew’s situation with Gary.

Mads Herrera’s Hookup Regrets

After revealing that he had previously hooked up with Daisy, Gary’s love life is getting complicated — and Mads isn’t interested in getting involved. 

At the end of the crew dinner, Alex asked if Mads is “having feelings” for Gary.

“I’m just trying to have fun and enjoy myself, but he’s making it way more intense than it needs to be,” Mads said, though she later pointed out that she likes how Gary gives her attention.

“I mean, who else is giving me attention?” Mads asked Alex. “Are you?”

“Just a touch, but he seems very intimidated by me and like I’m gonna make a move on you or something,” Alex said in response. 

Mads Herrera and Alex Propson having drinks while filming Below Deck Sailing Yacht.

“Trust me, if I could re-choose, it would not be him,” Mads said. 

“Who would you re-choose?” Alex asked, and Mads responded, “Come on, Alex. Let’s be real.”

In an interview from the episode, Mads reflected on her situation with Gary and how she wished she had pursued Alex instead. 

“It was clear from day f-cking one [that] I knew Alex was more than just a flirt,” she explained. “I made the wrong choice. I put myself in this position with Gary. I feel like I set a bomb to explode.”

Mads Herrera and Gary King’s Tiff

In addition to sharing her hookup remorse, Mads also ended her evening out by getting upset with Gary. On the boat, while she was chatting on the phone with her mom, Gary walked over and called the stew “pathetic.”

“You’re going to call me pathetic for f-cking what?” Mads asked. “Because I’m trying to speak to my family? F-ck off.”

The next morning, Chase told Gary what he had said, and Gary then apologized to Mads on deck. 

“I have no recollection of that,” he told her. “I’m really sorry about that.”

“I’ve literally never been called pathetic in my life,” Mads said. “It doesn’t matter whether it’s the end of the night or the beginning of the night. That’s my point.”

Mads Herrera on Daisy Kelliher’s Love Triangle

Gary wasn’t thrilled that Mads was hesitant to accept his apology. “I’m showing her that I’m sorry and I apologize, and she still keeps a grudge?” he asked in an interview on the episode. 

See what happens next between Gary and Mads by tuning in to Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 4. New episodes air back-to-back on Mondays starting at 8/7c on Bravo.

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