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The Daily Dish Below Deck Sailing Yacht

Captain Glenn Shephard Reacts to Erica Rose’s Low Tip: “It Was an Intentional Slight”

The Below Deck Sailing Yacht boss has a theory on why this group of charter guests was not so generous with their gratuity.

By Laura Rosenfeld
A Charter Guest Tells Captain Glenn Shephard the Food Is "Disgusting"

After the Below Deck Sailing Yacht crew had to endure charter guest complaints about Chef Marcos Spaziani's cooking and clean the Parsifal III's stained white couch, the yachties were hoping for a nice tip to match all the work they put into Erica Rose's charter earlier this season. But that is not at all what they got.

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During the tip meeting in the March 14 episode, Captain Glenn Shephard revealed that the charter guests had left the crew a total of $6,500 in tip, which came to $720 for each crew member. "I don't personally feel that this tip reflects the quality of service that we gave these guys," Captain Glenn told the Parsifal III crew before revealing the tip amount. "You guys worked really hard, and you pulled out all the stops to make this the best charter for them."

Daisy Kelliher, who had been vocal about not being a fan of Erica and her group of charter guests coming aboard the Parsifal III again this season, also didn't hold back her feelings about the tip in an interview during the episode. "F--k my f--king life. I honestly think I'm about to burst into tears. I'm not OK right now," the chief stew said. "They could've tipped us 30 grand, 40 grand, 50 grand. No money in the world would make me happy to work for people like that. I just don't think people like that deserve nice things."

Daisy Kelliher Is Not Excited for This Charter Guest to Come Back

Ever the optimist, Captain Glenn reminded the crew to be thankful that they received something and not let it get them down with many more charters to go this season. "It's still better than a poke in the eye with a pointy stick," he told the yachties. "It's a reflection on them, and, you know, regardless of this tip, I think we had a great start to our season."

Captain Glenn had perhaps a less diplomatic take on the tip when he appeared on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen on April 25. Host Andy Cohen read one fan's question for the Below Deck Sailing Yacht boss: "Glenn, did you buy charter guest Erica's public apology on social media for leaving y'all a bad tip, or was it an intentional slight?"

"I think it was an intentional slight," Captain Glenn replied. "They probably felt some of the stuff said online after their first charter [in Season 2] wasn't cool, and they decided that they were gonna come back. And I think they decided at the beginning they weren't gonna give us a good tip."

Though we found out on WWHL last month that the white couch Erica's mom, Cindi Rose, got self-tanner all over is looking good as new these days, it's going to take a while for the Parsifal III yachties to scrub their memories of this charter. Daisy recalled this group of charter guests being "pretty awful" during that appearance on WWHL in March and said that receiving the low tip "was an interesting experience."

Colin MacRae also won't soon forget Erica's charter group. "It was one of the more unpleasant charters we did," he told The Daily Dish earlier this season. "That charter with Erica Rose was f--king horrendous. And they came on just so disrespectful. I felt really bad for Daisy. It was awful. And Erica's husband is not a very nice human being, in my opinion."

Chef Marcos Spaziani Has a Difficult Guest on His Hands

The chief engineer added how disappointed he was to hear the harsh criticism of Marcos' cooking from Erica's husband. "He's the best chef I've ever worked with in 14 years on super yachts, and I've worked with some really top-quality chefs," Colin said. "So, yeah, what Erica's husband was saying about his food was just outrageous."

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