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The Daily Dish Below Deck Sailing Yacht

See What These Charter Guests Did That Made the Below Deck Sailing Yacht Crew Break Down in Tears

Read on to see how chief stew Daisy Kelliher, Captain Glenn, and the Parsifal III crew reacted to the final charter guests and the season’s last tip following their challenging stay.

By Cynthia Robinson

The Below Deck Sailing Yacht crew dealt with a lot of stress during Season 4, from demanding guests with nonstop requests to a three-page primary guest preference sheet that had chef Ileisha Dell making a 10-course meal that extended past midnight

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Of course, nothing prepared us for the final charter guests of the season, who ultimately made stew Lucy Edmonds cry and Captain Glenn Shephard threaten to kick one of the guests off Parsifal III

The charter began with somewhat smooth waters, with the guests boarding the boat and enjoying some of Ileisha’s mouthwatering snacks. 

Things began to take a turn, however, when the alcohol began flowing. 

“These guests are drinking like water’s running out in the ocean,” chief stew Daisy Kelliher quipped in Season 4 Episode 16. “I just want normal nice guests [to] just enjoy the sea. But no — here we are.” 

Scroll down to see how everything escalated from there: 

The guests have one too many drinks and relationship drama ensues 

A guest curses at the staff on Below Deck Sailing Yacht

After one of the guests, Randy, went to go lie down in the bedroom, his husband, Nic, came to check on him and get him water. 

Randy wasn’t having it, however, and noted his displeasure. “F-ck you… I’m gonna be sick,” he stated, ostensibly getting sick off-screen.

Nic implored Randy to get back to bed, but Randy only seemed to become more upset, telling his husband to “leave [him] alone.” 

The crew began to pick up on the relationship drama as Lucy and Mads Herrera brought the group’s clothing down to their rooms. 

Glenn Shephard tries to stop an escalating confrontation

A split screen of conflict with Captain Glenn and guests and crew member Lucy

After a divisive conversation among the guests at dinner, Randy exclaimed, “Don’t ever try me again, bitch!” 

Charter guest Todd then tried to get his boyfriend, Grant, away from the heat and away from the table. Lucy then alerted Glenn as Randy got up to go “talk” to the couple. 

“Get out of the room [or] get off this boat!” Todd snapped. “This is unbelievable from you!” 

As Randy walked into Todd and Grant’s room, Captain Glenn forced his way between the men and issued a warning. 

“This is ridiculous,” Glenn said. “I’m telling you: The first moment I see anyone getting [aggressive] they will be getting off the boat. Keep that in mind when you talk to your friends. Are we clear on that?” 

Then, after Randy responded, “There’s nothing to be clear about,” Glenn got more fired up: “Dude, you’re getting [aggressive] with me and you’re that [close] to getting off the boat!” 

Charter guests argue with the crew during Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 4

Finally, Daisy stepped in to fully de-escalate the situation: “Maybe it’s best to leave it for the morning when everyone calmed down and sobered up a bit.” 

Phew! The crew ultimately enlisted Chase Lemacks to put his past bouncer days to work and stand in the cabin hallway until everyone went to sleep — just in case. 

Lucy Edmonds breaks down after cleaning up “sick” and “sh-t” 

Lucy on Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 4 Episode 17

After all the drama, the crew began to break, as it wasn’t just messy interpersonal conflict that had to be cleaned up, but messy room issues the interior was also tasked with handling. 

Tending to their rooms, Lucy faced an unflushed toilet and a sink with traces of vomit that caused her to break down. “I may be a stewardess, I may be a maid… but I should never have to flush the toilet for grown-ass men. F-cking gross!” she exclaimed during a confessional. 

She went on to call her father and cry to him about the situation. “I just want to go home,” she cried. “I want out of here, I’m done. I cleaned up sh-t, I’ve just cleaned up sick, like… I am done! I want to go home!” 

Lucy shares her reaction to the charter guests’ tip 

Lucy on Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 4 Episode 17

Following a difficult day and night of charter, the next part of the trip that took place on Episode 17 turned out quite breezy as the guests were able to enjoy their remaining time on the water. 

Once they left the boat, however, their $17,000 tip wasn’t exactly favorable with the crew. 

“Seventeen grand to flush your sh-t over and over… f-ck off,” Lucy quipped during a confessional, clearly not pleased with the tip.

“But… I’m definitely gonna stay positive because it’s over!” she then joked, noting the end of the charter season for the Parsifal III crew. 

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