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These Are the Top 6 Southern Charm Episodes to Watch Right Now While You're at Home

If you're looking for entertainment, relive some of the best, most explosive episodes from Southern Charm, streaming now.

By Sarah Hanlon

As people across the country hunker down at home and practice social distancing during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, you might be looking for things to keep you entertained. Here's a suggestion: Southern Charm — it's streaming right now!

How to Watch

Watch Southern Charm on Peacock and the Bravo App.

If there's one thing we know about Southern Charm, it's that the tea will be sweet and plentiful, and so will the drama. With returning faces (hello, Ashley Jacobs) and new drama (did Kathryn Dennis and Whitney Sudler-Smith hook up?!), the latest season was one of the wildest yet for the Charmers. But whether you're a diehard fan or new to the drama below the Mason-Dixon line, one thing is for certain: In order to fully appreciate everything that's gone down in Charleston, you need to revisit where it all started. 

Luckily for you, all seasons of Southern Charm are available on the Bravo app. We've rounded up some of the best episodes since the show premiered in 2014, so, pour yourself a martini (à la Patricia Altschul) and get ready to relive the wildest, most dramatic moments on Southern Charm


Craig Calls Out Kathryn at Thomas' Dinner

Chivalry's not dead in Charleston... at least, that's what Craig Conover thought. In this Season 1 episode, a dinner at Thomas Ravenel's house takes a negative turn when Craig and Kathryn clash about dating down south — and it results in Craig claiming that Kathryn slept with three people at that dinner in a three week timespan.

Kathryn then attempts to kick Craig out of Thomas's home, but that goes about as well as you'd think it would. Cameran Eubanks summed up the night best, saying, "Lord, be with us all."


Kathryn Explodes on Whitney

Jump to Season 2 and you'll see that in the aftermath of their Season 1 fight, Craig and Kathryn actually became friends. So, when Whitney questions why these two Charmers got friendly (and spent a night at the beach together), Kathryn wasn't afraid to come right back at the filmmaker.

Their heated exchange escalated when Whitney told Kathryn to go to bed, to which she said, "You should go fall on a knife!" Kathryn continued to scream at Whitney and wave her finger in his face while Shep Rose laughed and pumped his fists in the background. "She's like Jekyll and Hyde, no pun intended," he said of Kathryn.


Introducing St. Julien Rembert Ravenel

We get to see a softer side of Kathryn in this sweet Season 3 moment. Kathryn and Thomas become parents a second time when Kathryn gives birth to their son, St. Julien Rembert Ravenel. While the rest of the Charmers enjoy a wild boys' weekend in Los Angeles, Kathryn and Thomas celebrate becoming a "Ravenel party of four."


The Charmers Clash Over Kathryn at Patricia's Dinner

In honor of the launch of her caftan line, Patricia Altschul hosts an Indian-themed dinner (complete with an Indian healer who claims to predict the future), but the night comes to a halt when the discussion turns to Kathryn and Thomas. Whitney asks the healer about Kathryn's intentions when she called him trying to make amends, which led Craig to share his "objective analysis" of the former couple.

Cameran tried to act as the voice of reason within the group, but it was too much for Shep, who said, "How f--king stupid is everyone here?" You can imagine how well Patricia took that. 


Thomas Crosses the Line With Chelsea

When the Charmers travel to Hilton Head for a fun getaway, the trip goes from bad to worse almost immediately. Tensions were already high because Thomas brought along his new girlfriend, Ashley, who wasn't in a good place with Kathryn. And when Chelsea Meissner suggested that Kathryn should decide whether or not Ashley could stay in the house with the group, Thomas lost his cool, almost jumping over a booth in a restaurant while yelling at Chelsea. Once everyone got involved in the fight, Craig revealed his true thoughts on Ashley's character, saying it's "f--king trash."


Kathryn Tells Thomas That Ashley Is a Psycho

It was the season finale to end all season finales: the previous season of Southern Charm culminated in a face-off between Kathryn and Ashley and Thomas, and the result was nothing short of explosive. All the Charmers gathered together at Patricia's Winter Ball (a first for Kathryn given their previous tension), but it didn't take long for the silk gloves to come off: Kathryn called Ashley a "f--king psycho," to which Ashley said Kathryn was just a "baby mama" who needed to "find somebody else to screw."

Season 6, Episode 14

Ashley Jacobs Crashes Patricia Altschul's Party and Immediately Gets Kicked Out

You didn't think Ashley would be gone that easily, did you? Despite only appearing in a couple episodes of the season, Ashley managed to make a big impression, especially in this iconic finale moment: Ashley decides to crash Patricia's party and is forced to leave, but not without making a scene. Oh, and Shep and Craig bring the two girls from the infamous Austen video as their dates to the party, which causes drama with Austen and Madison, and Cameran's husband finally appears onscreen.


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