Expect Romance and, Yes, the "Most Shocking Season Yet" When Botched Returns

Expect Romance and, Yes, the "Most Shocking Season Yet" When Botched Returns

Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif tease the new season of the E! series.

By Jocelyn Vena

Get. Ready. For. Anything. When Botched returns to E! this Sunday, Dr. Terry Dubrow and Dr. Paul Nassif will tackle some of the hardest cases of their careers.

"This is a very different season than the seasons we've done before," Terry teased to The Daily Dish. "It may be the most shocking season yet. It's sort of like the rose ceremony."

In fact, the risks are so high this season that Paul revealed that even other doctors in their profession may give this new batch of cases a second thought if presented with them. "The interesting thing is we are right now doing procedures, as Terry just mentioned, that no doctor in the world would take because the risks are so high. So when he talks about this season, when you have someone who comes up and you say there's a 50 percent -- not a 5 percent, [a] 50 percent chance -- of something going wrong and guess what? It happens," Paul said. "And we show it. We show it, how it is and how we deal with these problems. And so, it's educational also for the audience that's watching it."

But, you can bet, there will also be plenty and plenty of laughs. Paul added, "Again, you have the usual antics with him constantly ragging on me and teasing me, saying I'm fat. The usual stuff."

But, that's not all. There will also be romance. "It's a really scary season. It's a really extreme season, and Paul is very single this season," Terry said. "And we may get into seeing about seeing this guy's single life. It's Botched: Social Life. As it turns out, there's a component of that. So it's a fun season, a scary season, but it's really, really extreme. Much more so than even previously seen before."

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