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These Bravolebs Gushing About Their Significant Others Will Make You Melt

Get ready to feel the love this Valentine's Day.

By Laura Rosenfeld
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These days, many couples go all out for Valentine's Day, showering each other with extravagant gifts and sharing fancy dinners. But, as we all know, what really matters is the love you have inside your heart for the important people in your life. Though we fully expect many Bravolebs to partake in those aforementioned activities to celebrate the most romantic holiday of the year, they're also not shy about expressing their true feelings for their loved ones. We asked several Bravolebs to name what they love most about their significant others, and their answers are sure to warm your heart.

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1. Kyle Richards on Husband Mauricio Umansky


"He's kind. He's just very sensitive and kind and smart, and I love that about him. He's a good person, and the fact that he's handsome is just a bonus."

2. Heather Dubrow on Husband Terry Dubrow

“After 20 years there are many things (as you can imagine) that I love about Terry. I could say his sense of humor, how compassionate he his, his love of animals, how he truly loves and respects his patients, and the work he is doing helping others on Botched. But my FAVORITE thing about Terry is when we both happen to wake up in the middle of the night and have the best conversations at 2 a.m. that I never want to end. He is so smart, interesting, and complicated, yet easy going — I'm incredibly grateful and lucky to be married to such an amazing man. He always says that he studied hard at school and that's how he 'scored' me... But truth be told, I'm the one that scored. He is truly my partner, my best friend, and the love of my life."

3. Lisa Vanderpump on Husband Ken Todd

"He's amazing. He's tough and he's strong and he's bullheaded and he's a great businessman and he's got a lot of important qualities that also people don't see. He's such a softie in so many ways. He indulges me. He's just one of the kindest people I know. And he's got so much integrity. I love him."

4. Kristen Doute on Boyfriend Brian Carter

"He's one of the smartest people I know. Like, actually really, really smart. He knows a little bit about everything. That was kind of what originally attracted me to him, other than the fact that he's drop-dead gorgeous. He's just really sweet. He's really great to his friends. My friends fell in love with him. A lot of my friends knew him before I did, which was kind of crazy. A lot of cast members knew him before I did... He's a man. He's very responsible. He has a great job, goals, great family."

5. Lisa Rinna on Husband Harry Hamlin

"What do I love about Harry Hamlin? What's not to love about that Stone Cold Fox? He's an amazing father, has the greatest sense of humor, and he's brilliant. I'm one lucky gal, what can I say?"

6. Mauricio Umansky on Wife Kyle Richards

"[What's my favorite thing about her?] Her sense of humor. Yeah, well, initially it was her looks. [Laughs.]"

7. Ariana Madix on Boyfriend Tom Sandoval

"Tom is very thoughtful. Most of the time, Tom is very thoughtful, just like little things all the time, he's usually very considerate. He makes me laugh."

8. Tom Schwartz on Wife Katie Maloney

"One of my favorite things about Katie is just doing nothing with her. I read in different articles about relationships that when you find someone you’re happy doing nothing with that you should hold on to that person. It’s not the most romantic answer, but we're really just good at doing nothing together. My favorite thing about her physically is probably has to be her smile or... she has great eyebrows. Is that too aesthetic?"

9. Marissa Hermer on Husband Matt Hermer

"He makes me laugh a lot. We're fun in whatever we're doing, which is nice because obviously, A, I'm with him a lot. I work with him. Our desks are next to each other in the office. We have a lot of our meetings together. We're at home together. We have dinner together. I mean, thank God I like the guy, because I spend a lot of time with him [laughs]. But he does, he makes me laugh through it all... Having two kids and having a third one and my pregnancy, it has been challenging, but he puts it all into perspective. He does. He makes me laugh all the time. I like that about him — and other things."

10. Katie Maloney on Husband Tom Schwartz

“I love his eyes and his boyish charm. I love that he has a passion for life and always wants to do new things. He has the biggest, most beautiful heart and inspires me daily!”

11. Tom Sandoval on Girlfriend Ariana Madix

"My favorite thing about Ariana is she can take a joke pretty damn well because I constantly goof off. And also, she's a really good person to trust as far as advice goes. I ask her for her advice on things all the time, and I definitely usually always trust her. Because you know how sometimes guys that are with girls are sometimes like, 'Oh, that's my girl.' You know what I mean? They like want to ask their dude friends? Well, I would rather ask Ariana."

12. Juliet Angus on Husband Gregor Angus

"My favorite thing about Gregor is his patience and his great advice, and it doesn't hurt that I find him incredibly good looking."

13. Eileen Davidson on Husband Vincent Van Patten

"My favorite thing about my husband Vincent is that he is very romantic and very unpredictable. He likes to do fun things that just surprise me, [like] let’s go for a staycation in Santa Monica, say, or let’s go rollerblading, and we’ll do some shots on Venice Beach Boardwalk. So it’s not necessarily diamonds and jets, but it’s really very sweet, fun things and the reason why we fell in love with each other."

- Additional reporting by Jocelyn Vena and Megan Segura

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