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Brynn Whitfield Says Erin Lichy Accused Her of “Something Disgusting”

The Real Housewives of New York City headed to tropical paradise in Anguilla, but Erin Lichy and Brynn Whitfield were already making waves by resurrecting an ongoing argument.

By Jill Sederstrom

Even the surf and the sand couldn’t wash away the tension between The Real Housewives of New York Citys Erin Lichy and Brynn Whitfield.

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The ladies cast aside their busy lives in the Big Apple to get in some rest and relaxation during a cast trip to the island of Anguilla, but, despite the tropical backdrop, Erin was still feeling a little salty about Brynn’s comments at her anniversary party the month before.

Are Brynn Whitfield and Erin Lichy fighting?

A split image of Erin and Brynn at WWHL in front of a step and repeat.

The drama began when Brynn ran into Erin’s husband, Abe at the couple’s 10-year anniversary party held at one of Tribeca’s newest hot spots, Hall des Lumières.

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“Now, once you’re ready to get a divorce, I’m single,” Brynn joked to Abe. “We’re just going to do a swap, right?” 

She then doubled down on the comments, telling Abe that if he didn’t say his vows at his wedding ceremony then he “technically” wasn’t married. 

Abe laughed and assured her there was still a contract and other obligations in place — but Brynn wouldn’t let the subject drop.

“Whatever you do, don’t mess up and say, ‘I, Abe, take you, Brynn,” she continued to joke. 

When Erin heard about the remarks, she wasn’t pleased and confronted Brynn as they decorated wreaths for the holidays with the other Housewives.

“You weren’t flirting with him? What were you doing? Like it was comedy hour?” Erin asked. 

“It was a f-cking joke,” Brynn responded. “Yes, it is, because the party was f-cking boring.” 

Erin got so rattled, she took off, leaving the holiday gathering. 

By the time vacation hit, it seemed like the tension between the women had dissipated until Jessel Taank decided to stir the pot again during their first dinner in Anguilla. Jessel made reference to the argument while the ladies were comparing notes on their outfits. 

“We’ll do a dress swap, not a wife swap,” she said. 

“Don’t even,” Brynn warned as Erin looked upset by the reference. 

It may have just ended there, but Ubah Hassan — who had to skip the anniversary party due to an illness — wanted to dive deeper into the debate. 

“Would you be mad if she made that comment about David?” she asked Sai De Silva about her husband, David Craig, as the women sat around at an outdoor restaurant.

“I don’t give two f-cks,” Sai said, before adding that she was a “terrible person” to weigh in on the topic.

Ubah wasn’t convinced. 

“They are defending Brynn. They say they don’t care. Liars,” she later said in a confessional. “I’m not even taking Erin’s side, I’m taking a married woman’s side. I know how I would feel. It would not fly.”

Brynn Whitfield in a clip from RHONY

Brynn tried to stifle the conversation by offering an apology, but it wasn’t quite the one Erin was looking for. 

“Seriously, I do want to truly, genuinely apologize for saying that your party was boring,” she said. “Your party was not boring. I said it because I wanted to hurt you. I was hurt because you were accusing me of something really disgusting that wasn’t true.” 

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As Brynn saw it, she never would have flirted with Abe and was only joking when she made the ill-fated remarks.

“I’ve never cheated. I’ve never flirted with someone’s husband. I have never done that, I won’t do that, let alone to a friend,” she said. “I wouldn’t. You know me, I wouldn’t.” 

Erin admitted she was “very confused” that Brynn was willing to apologize for saying the party was boring, but wouldn’t  apologize for talking about divorce and wife swapping at her anniversary party. 

“That was worse,” Erin insisted. 

“Ok, that was an inappropriate, like, bad timing to make jokes about that,” Brynn admitted. “So, I’m sorry for that.”

The argument appeared to lose steam until Brynn asked if she also deserved an apology from Erin for “getting accused of something that awful.” 

 “I’m supposed to apologize to you?” Erin asked. “He was walking up to find me to say our vows and that was the joke that you decided to make? I didn’t think it was appropriate. I’m allowed to have that feeling.” 

The feud finally resolved for good when Erin told Brynn that although she thought the remarks were inappropriate she knew Brynn “didn’t mean it in a malicious way” and Brynn reiterated that she was “truly sorry.” 

The ladies even hugged it out across the table. 

Erin and Brynn were finally able to put the issue to rest, but it wouldn’t be the end of the drama between the Housewives during their tropical escape. 

To find out what other squabbles the women get into on the trip, tune in to new episodes of The Real Housewives of New York City on Sunday at 9/8c on Bravo and available streaming the next day on Peacock. 

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