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The Daily Dish The Real Housewives of New York City

Casey Wilson and Danielle Schneider Debate the Hottest Election Topics

The Bitch Sesh hosts have a lot of opinions about the 2016 Real Housewives Awards nominees.

By Jocelyn Vena
#RHAwards: Director of Housewives Relations

With The Real Housewives Awards: Decision 2016 in full swing, we've asked celebrities and pop culture icons to share why they love our hit franchise. This week, Casey Wilson and Danielle Schneider, on the Housewife with the most endearing sense of fashion and the art of throwing shade. 

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With election season well underway, it's pretty clear that everyone has an opinion about the hot-button issues at hand. And, that's just as true for the 2016 Real Housewives Awards as it is for the actual presidential election. And there are two women who really have a lot to say about any voting process that involves the Real Housewives: Bitch Sesh co-hosts,Casey Wilson and Danielle Schneider. The Daily Dish recently chatted with the pair about a number of the categories, including the highest office in the land: Real Housewives President.

The duo had their own debate, of sorts, and hashed out the nominees for themselves. Below, the pals weigh in on several categories — some of their choices may surprise you.

1. Secretary of Shade

#RHAwards: Secretary of Shade

Casey: I mean I thought we were going off of the clips, initially I had picked Kelly Dodd just because you know her insane behavior at the '70s party. I think of shade as slightly more subtle work, in which point I would probably give it to Erika Girardi. However, if it’s just blatant screaming and disparaging, I would go with Kelly Dodd.

Danielle: Again, I agree with Casey in that it’s hard to know what is shade. That’s a bigger question in terms of what do we believe shade to be. I would say Kenya [Moore] gives great shade because her shade is done kind of a wink a lot of times with a smile on her face, which I appreciate because it shows a level of art to her shade. It is art. But like Casey said, if you’re just going for putting everything on the table and I don’t give a s***, Kelly Dodd is pretty great.

2. Plastic Surgeon General

#RHAwards: Plastic Surgeon General

Danielle: Siggy [Flicker] all the way! 

Casey: She blows everyone out of the water. It’s not even a contest.

Danielle: To have an entrance with a scarf wrapped around your newly done face and sipping bisque through a straw… I mean, if there’s ever a person I’ve wanted to be.

Casey: America’s sweetheart. She’s introduced herself to us as America’s sweetheart. And we’ve been loving her since.

Danielle: So that’s the way to make an entrance. Sonja [Morgan] is beautiful and I love her face. I was constantly like, “What is she doing to her skin?” So that’s a whole other thing, but to come in like Siggy did...

Casey: ...Shot out of a cannon. It was like a mirage. I almost didn’t believe it was real because it was just checking every box for me, boxes I didn’t even know existed. I was seeing things I didn’t even know I needed to see. We're obsessed with Siggy. Siggy would win every category if she was up for them.

3. Speaker of the Housewives

#RHAwards: Speaker of the Housewives

Casey: When [Dorinda Medley] yells, “I made it nice,” that’s speaker of the house to me, personally.

Danielle: Yes, I love Dorinda. She really grew on me. I loved her last season but this season… Sometimes speaker of the house doesn’t have to speak a language that anyone understands. And I found that refreshing.

Casey: What she makes up for in not understanding her, she will make up for in volume. If you can’t understand her, she will speak louder. She loves the sequins.

Danielle: She’s also not afraid of a turtleneck under a sweater like some sort of a grandma at a bake sale. She’s not afraid of that look, either.

Casey: I think she might have unlimited access to dry cleaning. She has an all-access pass for great dry cleaning.

4. President

#RHAwards: President

Danielle: I’m going to say Bethenny [Frankel] only because, look, like Trump, she’s a business person, right? I’m not voting for Trump, but I do think Bethenny knows what she’s doing. She cut up the bulls***. I think that she can admit to mistakes, and I think she doesn’t give a f*** what anyone thinks, which I find important.

Casey: Much like Hillary, the person I’m going to say has nothing in common with Hillary. I have to go with Vicki Gunvalson. Let me explain. It’s not a democracy. She’s a dictator, in a way. I hear where Danielle’s coming from, and Bethenny’s definitely a leader, but I think that, no offense to Danielle, she is an obvious choice. I just feel like for Vicki to essentially lead people into believing Brooks has cancer and then they find out the truth and she still gets everyone back on her side after one trip to Glamis, I think she’s our president. She’s able to bring people together, and mostly apart.

Danielle: Yes, but I will also say that just because Vicki has been let’s say "on the job” the longest, if you will, and not that that’s not important… I think we need a leader who doesn’t need a man.

Casey: I think it’s something like what Danielle said is that she has been a leader for so long and I’m scared under her rule. I hear where Danielle’s coming from and I can go to Danielle’s side and I guess we’ll just say “I’m with her” and I guess that’s it.

Danielle: You’re with her and by her you mean Danielle. Thank you.

Casey: Yes, by “her” I mean Danielle and Danielle means Bethenny.

Clearly Casey and Danielle know how to make us laugh. But, they aren't the only ones. Check out the nominees for Chief of Laughs, below.

#RHAwards: Chief of Laughs
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