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Craig Conover *Finally* Took the Bar Exam — So What's Next for His Law Career?

The #SouthernCharm pal reveals how Thomas and Kathryn's drama played a small part in making it all happen. 

By Jocelyn Vena
Craig, Naomie and Gizmo's House Tour

The countdown is on until Craig Conover finds out if he passed the bar exam. That's right — Craig has finally taken the bar after sharing at the Season 4 Southern Charm reunion that he hadn't actually finished his thesis despite previously saying that he was all done with law school.

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Now that that drama is behind him, Craig is awaiting the results. "We find out, they [tell] us around April 22. So if not on April 22 then probably a few days after. I took [the bar] back in February and if I don't pass this time then I take it again in July and then I'll find out on Halloween," he recently told The Daily Dish. "So I'm just happy to be able to take it now. I was happy with my preparation, so I didn't want to walk out of there and be like, 'Damn if you just studied for one more week, you would have known that answer.' ... I either destroyed it or I didn't do very well."

Craig taking the exam comes after a series of unfortunate events that made it impossible for him to previously do so. He was finally able to complete his thesis and graduate after Charleston School of Law once again went back under private ownership following a changing of hands that initially prevented him from doing so. Eventually "everything went back to normal," Craig said, and he could get back to wrapping up his time at law school.

The Truth Comes out About Craig

"It took me about eight months to write the thesis. It was about 50 pages long. It's funny 'cause it was on parental rights and unmarried fathers. In some states in the South, they don't have paternity 'cause it's not based on DNA. It's based on whether you were married or signed the birth certificate. And it was my teacher's idea. I wrote on her topic, but it kind of tied in Thomas [Ravenel] and Kathryn [Dennis]," he said. "So I had this couple in the back of my head that I was drawing examples from in my paper, which was funny."

Considering the topic, Craig shared what he learned to his pal Kathryn, who has two children with Thomas — even if he officially offer any advice on her behalf. "Well that's one of the reasons why if I can pass my bar then I'll legally be allowed to offer advice. But I can at least have conversations with the two of them," he said. "But at that point [around the finale last year], they were so heated and there was so much going on around them you didn't really talk to them."

Craig continued to say that his work with the Guardian Program in Charleston has also informed what he shared with her. "I had so many hours with the program representing kids who had been taken from their parents and helping parents get visitation rights and stuff like that that I was able to share some of my experiences with Kathryn and tell her some of the things and programs and plans that I used to draw up for the moms that I had in trying to get them their kids back," he said. "So I was at least able to draw from some of my experiences for her."

Once Craig does get the final word on whether he's passed the bar, he hopes to be able to help as many people as he can with his law degree. "If I'm in Haiti getting kids that have been adopted to their families because the government hasn't released them for a year for some reason, I could be almost like a superman contractor," he said. "Like if someone really needs me, I can go help those good causes one by one. But there's so many different topics and categories and individual cases that I would want to help that I have no idea how to explain what the next step is. But basically the next step is having the ability to walk into the courtroom."

UPDATE 5/1/17: Craig confimed he passed the bar exam.

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