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The Daily Dish Below Deck Sailing Yacht

Daisy Gets Real About Her Love Triangle with Colin and Gary: "I'm Never Gonna Win"

The chief stew also dropped a bombshell about what really happened in her friendship with Gary.

By Shannon Raphael

After a complicated charter season, Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 4 concluded with some resolution in the love triangle between Daisy Kelliher, Gary King, and Colin MacRae.

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In case you need a refresher, after developing a contentious relationship with one another on Season 2, Daisy and Gary made out in the hot tub on the third season of the Below Deck series. Then when Colin, Gary, and Daisy returned to the vessel for Season 4, the chief stew and the engineer ended up hooking up, while Gary pursued junior stew Mads Herrera

However, once the cameras dropped on the Parsifal III crew, many things changed for Gary, Colin, and Daisy in their respective friendships with one another. Read on to find out what the three said during Part 2 of the reunion about where they stand now. 

Daisy Kelliher's True Thoughts on Her Love Triangle with Colin MacRae and Gary King 

Once filming wrapped on Season 4, Daisy and Colin pursued their romance for several months. However, Daisy said that Colin made her feel guilty about her past entanglement with Gary throughout their relationship.

Daisy and Gary's past hook-up proved to be a hurdle for Colin, while Daisy's relationship with Colin made things weird with Gary. Reflecting on her relationship with Colin, and how it affected her long-standing friendship with Gary, Daisy said, "I'm always going to be the bitter, angry, crazy woman. I'm never going to win, and it's never going to matter what I say. It's never going to matter, my actions. I'm never going to be validated [in] my feelings."

Split image of Daisy Kelliher and Colin MacRae

Daisy then confirmed that her friendship with Gary had come to an end while she was with Colin. 

"You made me feel so guilty about Gary. I eventually stopped talking to him, I eventually stopped being friends with him," Daisy said. "It turned into a roaring match."

She also shared how she feels about the love triangle today.

"To be honest, I felt like a piece of meat between the two of them. I felt like I was a prize. It felt like it was an ego competition," Daisy said. "I don't think Gary had genuine feelings for me, I do think we have a genuine connection... you have this bond. We've been through so much, and we do make each other laugh and feel good."

Gary King Lied to *This* Person

When Colin and Daisy hooked up on the boat, Gary told the engineer that he was happy for them. However, when he chatted with Daisy, Gary admitted to having feelings for her. On the reunion, host Andy Cohen asked Gary if he had been truthful to Colin, or to Daisy.

Split image of Colin Macrae and Gary King

"I probably lied to myself in the end, Andy," Gary said. "I think that was my jealous side coming out. I think, yes, maybe deep down there was something I felt for Daisy. And I was happy for Colin to be with her, don't get me wrong, I was very happy. But seeing how it's worked out right now, how toxic as this is all happening, maybe it's for the best that it didn't."

Where do Daisy Kelliher, Colin MacRae, and Gary King stand today?

Though Colin and Gary's friendship was the longest-running relationship in Below Deck Sailing Yacht history, it took a hit when Colin found out about Gary and Daisy's pre-show hook-up.

On the Season 4 finale, Colin said that he didn't feel like he could fully trust Gary, but the two have since made some strides in repairing their friendship.

"I think Colin and I are pretty good," Gary said when Andy asked the pair for a friendship update. "We still chat every now and then."

Colin confirmed that he had been in touch with Gary just a day before the reunion taped, explaining, "We're friends. Gary messaged me yesterday, you know, [asking] how am I feeling going into today. I said, 'Yeah, I'm going to speak my mind, I'm going to say some things, but nothing I haven't said to your face about how I was feeling.' So, yeah, we're OK. I forgave both of them... It's fresh, there's a lot of emotion. I think Gary and I are going to be OK, and we'll see about Daisy and I, but I'm open for it."

Gary agreed with Colin's words. "I think Colin hit the nail on the head there," he said. "I mean, I don't ever see Colin because he's traveling the world on his catamaran, which I'm very jealous about. But, if we do, we'll definitely make the time to see each other."

Though Gary and Colin have gotten back to a positive place in their friendship, the same can't be said for the First Mate and Daisy.

Split image of Colin MacRae, Daisy Kelliher, and Gary King.

"Dais, also I guess, yeah, it's a rocky, rocky relationship," Gary said. "If we ever have to work together in the future, it'll be a professional relationship, but I don't ever think we're going to be how we were, so, yeah, unfortunately. That's just me being honest."

In the final moments of the reunion, Daisy reflected on the season for the last time. "I'm sorry for being emotional, and that's what you get for putting your heart on the line," she said. "I love them both, and you've taught me a lot about myself. You know, I have regrets, but more importantly, I know I have a good heart, and I know my intentions were good. Onwards and upwards."

See more from the three in the extended and uncensored version of Part 2 of the reunion, which will drop on Peacock on July 19.

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