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Danielle Defends Her Role in the Balloon Guy Joe Drama with Gabby: “I Tried to Help Her"

Danielle Olivera and Gabby Prescod are breaking down everything that happened with Balloon Guy Joe on Summer House.

By Allison Crist

Gabby Prescod and Danielle Olivera had both expressed interest in Balloon Guy Joe during the Summer House crew's alien-themed party, but it was Danielle who ended up hooking up with the party supply professional on Season 8, Episode 10.

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Now, both Danielle and Gabby — as well as Amanda Batula and Paige DeSorbo — are weighing in on the matter. 

What happened between Danielle Olivera and Gabby Prescod with Balloon Guy Joe?

On the April 25 episode of the Summer House After Show, Gabby reflected on her and Danielle's mid-party conversation about Joe (or as she put it, Danielle's "motivational talk gone wrong.")

"She made me feel like I couldn't find a guy and I was like, you know damn well that's not an issue for me," Gabby expressed. "I also found it weird that she thought that was the right approach to kind of like nurture this competition between us." 

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Lindsay Hubbard agreed that Danielle has a tendency to "get competitive," but Danielle explained that she views the situation with Joe differently.

Addressing how she went from encouraging Gabby to hook up with Joe, to hooking up with Joe herself, Danielle said, "I tried to help her out and then she was just taking too long and I decided I wanted to do it."

Ultimately, though, "My heart was in the right place," Danielle added. "And then, you know, other things sort of take over."

Danielle Olivera and Joe talking behind a bar.

The fallout from Danielle Olivera and Gabby Prescod's conversation

Gabby had what she described on the Summer House After Show as one of her regular "breakdowns."

"They happen annually, bi-annual, it depends how many emotions I'm pushing down," she said, noting that they've been occurring since she was 13 years old, and her last one was in 2021. So, at that point, it had been "two years of pushing down sh-t."

"If there's an unpleasant emotion, I don't deal with it in the present. And when you get a ton of unpleasant emotions on top of each other, it will bottle up and then explode," Gabby continued. "It's not to minimize the fact that yeah, I was f-cking pissed that Danielle put me in that situation, [though] ... but it didn't warrant that full emotional reaction. That was a lot of other stuff that was coming out simultaneously." 

Danielle went on to address the impact her words had on Gabby.

"I was shocked because I truly didn't think that it ended that poorly or that my delivery was that bad," she said on the Summer House After Show, noting that she's aware she can sometimes be "too direct" or "harsh." 

Danielle Olivera, Gabby Prescod, and Joe talking behind a bar.

Why Danielle returned to the party instead of talking to an emotional Gabby

As for the reason she didn't console Gabby when she became upset over their conversation, Danielle explained, "I just didn't want to deal with it in that moment because I was having such a good time at the party and I wanted to get back to that. That was selfish of me and rude."

Why did Danielle avoid talking to Amanda during the fight with Gabby?

Amanda attempted to discuss what happened with Danielle, but she simply walked away. Why?

"Honestly, if it's between Gabby and I, let it be between Gabby and I," Danielle said. "Anything that I would've said either would've been misconstrued or it wouldn't have been good enough in that scenario at all. So, I was like, 'I know Gabby, she's my friend, and I will address this tomorrow with her when we're not doing this.'" 

Amanda Batula and Danielle Olivera sitting on set talking to each other.

Paige DeSorbo says Danielle Olivera has "no empathy"

Following her heated conversation with Danielle about how she needed to console Gabby, Paige weighed in on the situation on the Summer House After Show as well. 

"Even if you deem it not mean or wrong, you still made that person upset and you should apologize for making that person upset," Paige said. "It was very off-putting how much she did not give a sh-t about this girl crying, and that felt icky to me."

Paige Desorbo wearing a brown top in front of a blue backdrop.

She then went on to address Danielle's recent comments about Paige giving her boyfriend, Craig Conover, "nothing."

"Talk about no empathy. I mean, Danielle wants to say that I don't give anything to Craig, [but] your friend is hysterically crying and you said, 'That's stupid, she's stupid, and her emotions are stupid,'" Paige expressed. "So, right in that moment, it was very full circle for me, and I was like, 'Oh, you only care about what you're doing.'"

Gabby's previous Summer House drama over her ex-boyfriend and Danielle

This isn't the first time Gabby and Danielle have both been interested in the same guy. As fans may recall, Gabby revealed during Season 7 that her ex had “actively” cheated on her with Danielle, although Danielle was unaware he already had a girlfriend.

Though Gabby and Danielle could have gotten off on the wrong foot thanks to their unique connection, the fashion-forward castmates bonded over it instead. Danielle told The Daily Dish of Gabby's response, “I love her attitude about it all. And it just goes to show just [that] females can rule the world.”

Hear more from everyone involved in the above Summer House After Show clip.

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