Did Whitney Sudler-Smith and Kathryn C. Dennis *Really* Date?

Did Whitney Sudler-Smith and Kathryn C. Dennis *Really* Date?

The filmmaker explains why he got so defensive about the subject this season of #SouthernCharm.

By Laura Rosenfeld

All season long, we've been following the he-said, she-said saga of the true nature of Southern Charm's Whitney Sudler-Smith's fling with Kathryn C. Dennis. Though they've both previously said it was nothing more than a one-night stand situation, this season Kathryn revealed that the two actually dated, so much so that she stayed with Whitney and even (gasp!) hung out with his mother Patricia Altschul. 

When Craig Conover brought this up to Whitney during the Charmers' trip to Linville, North Carolina earlier this season, the filmmaker flew off the handle (clip below), making some wonder why he would get so heated if there was no truth to what Kathryn said.


We finally got to hear Whitney's side of the story during Monday night's episode of Watch What Happens Live (clip above). Whitney's response to Kathryn's comments were shocking — that was until we realized that he was being completely sarcastic. "I love her so much," Whitney joked. "I’ve been thinking about it. I want to adopt her, and her kids. I want them to move in with me, and maybe co-parent with Thomas. It’s the ideal situation." 

But then Whitney seriously answered host Andy Cohen's question and said that he just had something going on with Kathryn "for one night." He went on to say that Kathryn's account of the nature of their relationship is "fun for TV, however there’s no truth in the matter, but I wish her the best." 

So if Kathryn wasn't telling the truth, why did Whitney get so defensive when Craig recounted her comments during the group trip? "I was defensive because No.1 , I was hammered on moonshine, and the absurdity struck me a little harder than it should have," he told Andy. "So yes, I did overreact. But, you know, these things happen." 

Of course, Kathryn had a very different take on the matter when she appeared on WWHL in April.

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