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Erin Lichy and Brynn Whitfield Feud — Again — Over Anniversary Party Insults

The RHONY ladies were ready to duck out of Erin's lavish to-do, but not before Brynn allegedly crossed a line with "Abe the Babe."

By Jax Miller

It was supposed to be a night of The Real Housewives of New York City’s Erin Lichy saying, “I do,” but when it came to accepting Brynn Whitfield’s flirtatious ways, it was a hard “I don’t.”

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Erin and her husband, Abraham “Abe” Lichy, celebrated their 10-year anniversary by throwing a lavish party at New York City’s historic Hall des Lumières. Friends and family were invited to witness the happy couple renew their vows, though the ‘Wives — including Jessel Taank, Sai De Silva, and Jenna Lyons — found themselves a bit underwhelmed by a long lineup of speakers and the menu.

While the event was “crawling with dudes” (at least, according to Brynn in Season 14, Episode 6), Brynn playfully toyed with Abe, which isn’t entirely out of character to anyone familiar with Brynn’s fun and flirty ways.

Erin was less than thrilled, though.

What did Brynn say at the party to upset Erin?

With Jessel at her side, Brynn (in typical Brynn fashion) teased Abe ahead of the vow renewals, giving all her best evil stepmother vibes.

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“Once you’re ready to get a divorce, I’m single,” she joked.

Abe laughed along, teasing that wife-swapping came only after the 20-year wedding anniversary. Brynn and Abe also joked that since the couple hadn’t exchanged vows at their original ceremony, Abe was “technically not married,” as Brynn put it.

Erin Lichy And her husband at their anniversary party in New York City.

“Whatever you do, don’t mess up and say, ‘I, Abe, take you, Brynn,’” Brynn continued.

Brynn said it wasn’t actually Abe who caught her attention, but rather Erin’s father. Wearing a fur coat and dark sunglasses, Brynn said she’d make Erin call her "Mom," with Abe commenting that Brynn reminded him of Disney’s Cruella de Vil.  

The banter wasn’t a far cry from Brynn’s Season 14 tagline.

Brynn and Abe’s back and forth seemed to be all in good fun, but in Episode 7, Erin took some real offense. While drinking a glass of wine at her Tribeca loft, Erin commented that the RHONY women were rude for talking throughout the event.

“I just feel like the way they behaved, I don’t know,” said Erin. “It just rubbed me the wrong way.”

Abe casually brought up his convo with Brynn, admitting that he “thought it was weird, given the setting.” He later defended Brynn, however, stating it was “kinda funny at the time.”

“It really pisses me off,” Erin told RHONY producers. “She came in, she started some sh-t, she said rude things to my husband, she wore her sunglasses the whole time, and then she walked out. Sometimes, she doesn’t have tact.”

Erin further took issue that her children were at the party, suggesting any one of them could have overheard the “classless” exchange.

A split image of Erin and Brynn at WWHL in front of a step and repeat.

She said she was “disgusted” by Brynn’s actions and couldn’t stomach the idea of being in the same room as her.

Later in the episode, Brynn invited the ladies for a wreath-making session with some snacks and spirits, hoping to bring Christmas cheer to the other Housewives. However, the mood shifted when Erin — the last to arrive­ — entered the establishment.

“The energy that’s coming in is not very merry or jolly or bright,” Brynn told RHONY producers.

Erin then confronted Sai for being “incredibly rude” at the vow renewals by ducking out early, though Sai defended herself by saying that she was hungry (Sai’s constant hunger is amusingly threaded throughout the season, for anyone familiar with Cheese-Gate, the mystery restaurant ditch, and other caviar woes).  

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Erin then directed her grievances toward Brynn, calling her party behavior “horrendous” after Brynn questioned the way Erin handled her issues with Sai at the holiday-themed get-together.

“Because she didn’t go up to Abe and say, ‘Hey, when you get divorced, please let me know,’ at my anniversary party,” said Erin.

“You don’t know what you’re talking about,” Brynn responded.

Jessel came to Brynn’s defense, saying Brynn was only kidding around. Sai also agreed that it wasn’t a big deal.

“Brynn? She flirts while ordering steak; it’s just the way she operates,” Jenna echoed. “I personally think Erin took it a little too seriously.”

Brynn, who regularly refers to Abe as "Abe the Babe," did take Erin’s accusations seriously, however.

“If you accuse me of flirting with a married man, it’s gonna really get real,” said Brynn. “It was a f-cking joke. Don’t flatter yourself.”

When asked by Erin if it was “comedy hour” at the party, Brynn said it was because “the party was f-cking boring.”

It was enough for Erin to get up from the wreath-making fun and leave, but not before telling the others they “all suck.”

“It doesn’t need to be a big thing,” said Jenna. “It’s become a big thing.”

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