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Fredrik Eklund Shares Every Update You Ever Wanted to Know About the Twins and Derek

The MDLLA and MDLNY agent revealed sweet news on his kids, husband, being sober, and what the future holds.

By Jocelyn Vena
Fredrik Eklund Family Update

Not only has Fredrik Eklund taken fans inside his life as a high-powered real estate agent on Million Dollar Listing New York and Million Dollar Listing, Los Angeles as he closes deals across the country, but he has also taken fans home with him. We've witnessed him fall in love and marry Derek Kaplan, and fans were by their side as they welcomed their twins, Freddy and Milla, nearly four years ago.

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After some ups and downs, Fredrik and Derek expanded their family with the birth of their twins back in November 2017, and he's never shy to share all their sweet moments and updates on Instagram, including recent solo trips he went on with each of his kids.

And in a recent interview with Bravo Insider, Fredrik shared an update on how his children are doing today. "Oh my god, they're growing. They're so happy. They're so beautiful, you know? They're, like, perfect creatures that just love bugs," he said. "I'm very, very blessed. Very grateful."

Freddy and Milla, it sounds like, have also adjusted to life on the West Coast after the family moved there from NYC in 2019. "Well, they've been swimming in the pool. They're very into superheroes. Specifically, Spider-Man, both of them. They are into horseback riding. They're very active," Fredrik said. "I don't know where they get the energy. Sometimes I see them run around in circles on the grass, like, for half an hour, you know? Just in a big circle, just to get rid of energy, I guess, excess energy."

Fredrik and Derek are not just dads to the twins, but Derek also has a son, Kai, who lives abroad. They are also dads to dogs, including a Goldendoodle named Cash that they welcomed last year.

So, could expanding their family more be in the future? "Yeah, we're talking about it. We talked about it last night," he said during the Bravo Insider interview several weeks back. "Well, you know, we'll see. It's not an easy answer because [I] feel like we have it all already. A boy, a girl, beautiful dog, you know? We're not getting any younger, but at the same time, yeah, of course, it would be amazing. I don't know. We're talking about it."

Speaking of that "we're," Fredrik and Derek celebrated their 11th wedding anniversary this past June. And not only has the move to the Los Angeles area changed the couple's dynamic, but so has Fredrik working from home more during the pandemic.

"We definitely are together a lot more. That goes for the kids, too. As a family, you know? I do a lot more work at home, but everyone does that, I guess, even in New York, because that's the world," he said. "Instead of, like, going to these meetings, 30 minutes in my car, and sitting down and have an agenda, we jump straight into Zoom, and I can do that from anywhere. So, I feel like I'm much more present."

While Fredrik and the family have definitely settled into life in L.A., there is something about New York City that he misses. "When we lived in New York, we just did get away more, Derek and I. Just, like, we used to go to the Turks and Caicos a lot. We, like, you know, [would] head to Europe for a long weekend. Some of that is COVID-related, that hasn't been possible, but here, like, there's no reason to really leave," he said. "I mean, you know, we have a pool, we have perfect weather. We just, we can go to the beach. So, I miss maybe in the nights being away from a little more, but that's the function of the kids getting older now, and we can start doing that more."

Fredrik also made another life change when he confirmed that he is sober back in January 2021, which he notes has only had positive effects on his life, as well as his relationships. "That has somewhat to do with being sober too and being up, like, much earlier in the morning, you know? Being more active, having longer days, everything, like, emotions and, you know, family and relationships. So, I think it's been all. I can't think of one negative thing," he said about that choice today.

He also shared how he manages to balance it all. "I don't know, but I think I do, and it's the weirdest thing because I wrote about it in my book in 2014, how that's hard and impossible, and I always felt guilty because I wasn't enough at work or enough at home, and I don't know," he said, noting that, as for how he does it today, "But it definitely has to do with being sober, and I can't explain it another way. It's not like I'm trying to sell it to anybody, but people, maybe, that ha[ve] gone to sort of my side of things might understand what I'm saying right now."

Fredrik then went on to describe how his daily routine has changed since making that lifestyle change. "I'm not tired anymore ever. I don't have any anxiety. I mean, of course, I'm tired at night, but I don't have any anxiety or, like, [feel] depressed. That word, stress, was something I've lived with a long time. I didn't realize back then, but, you know, work, relating to family, relating to alcohol, relating to late dinner — it's all one big thing that creates stress. So, I do feel like I'm very balanced now, and I feel like I have a lot of bandwidth, right?" he said. "I posted this crazy schedule a couple weeks back of what I was doing that week just to in one way inspire people or, like, tell people how crazy this schedule can be, but I really do look at it from an excited perspective. Like, I put that out 'cause that's the most exciting thing in the world, but I asked the question, 'Does it give you anxiety, or does it make you excited?' And I think that the answer, which was a lot, thousands of them, was 50-50. So, my lifestyle's not for everybody, but I really enjoy it, and I do think that, like I said, I spend more time with the kids now than I ever have, and I'm really present and I can do a lot online, and I can do a lot on Zoom and I, you know, take them to Europe, both of them separately for one week each. Like, who does that? So, I feel very good about it all."

Fredrik may have summed it up best in a recent Instagram when he simply wrote, "So much to be grateful for."

— Reporting by Abby Feiner

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