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The Daily Dish Summer House

Gabby Prescod Found It “Surprising” That She Didn’t Have a Connection with This Summer House Roommate

The Summer House newbie said she never found “any connection” with this fellow cast member.

By Shannon Raphael

Gabby Prescod initially connected with the Summer House crew through her friendship with fellow fashionista Paige DeSorbo, and once she arrived in the Hamptons for Season 7, she quickly formed connections with fellow newbie Samantha Feher, as well as Lindsay Hubbard and Danielle Olivera (even though Gabby and Danielle had overlapping relationships with the same guy several years earlier). 

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Though Gabby told ET that she formed “actual friendships” with the aforementioned ladies, she didn’t immediately bond with Mya Allen or Ciara Miller

On the March 13 episode, Ciara and Mya chatted about the newbie, and they agreed that they hadn’t figured her out yet.

“I just feel like, overall, I haven’t cracked the Gabby code yet,” Mya said.

“I just think a lot of things with her are a little surface-level,” Ciara said in response, adding that it seemed like Gabby could be “missing out on the authenticity of it all.” However, both Mya and Ciara were on the same page that they wanted to get to know Gabby better.

Gabby found out about Mya and Ciara’s discussion when she saw it air on the show, and she was “disappointed” to hear what the ladies had said about her.

“I watched that play out with everybody else, and I mean, no one likes to hear that they’re being talked about, but then also seeing it happen in real time with everybody else is also just like not a great feeling,” she said to ET. “I will say that it made me, like, a little bit disappointed, just because I do feel like at that point in the summer, I had started building actual friendships with people.”

Gabby noted that the two were “100 percent entitled to their opinions,” but she felt their “first impressions” of her were “wrong.” She didn’t share an update on her friendship with Mya, but she did reveal where things currently stand with Ciara.

“I don’t think Ciara and I have the best relationship. But that was just surprising, because I’ve known Paige for a year, and when we were driving out [together], we were talking about dynamics and the cast, and she’s like, ‘Oh, you guys are gonna get along great…’ And I was like, OK, cool. Like, I don’t even have to, like, worry about putting in that much effort, because it was already kind of, like, a validated thing by somebody else,” Gabby said about how she envisioned having an instant friendship with Ciara. “So it was, like, surprising to me that we didn’t find that immediate connection… or a connection ever.” 

Gabby and Ciara aren’t the only two cast members who are failing to get along on Season 7. Kyle Cooke and Carl Radke have had disagreements about both work and their friendship, and the trailer teased the demise of Lindsay and Danielle’s long-term friendship as well. Gabby hopes that if Danielle and Lindsay can’t resolve their beef, everyone will be “able to co-exist at least quite well enough.”

“No one has to be best friends, but if we can live in a house and not tear each other apart as a baseline, I think that that’s fine,” she added.

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