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Gage Edward Wants to Change Daughter Monroe's Name in New Lawsuit Against Jeff Lewis

The Flipping Out dad is taking his ex to court.

By Laura Rosenfeld
Jeff Lewis Gage Edwards Custody

Jeff Lewis and Gage Edward's custody battle over 3-year-old daughter Monroe has taken another turn.

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The Flipping Out designer shared during the February 26 episode of his Radio Andy show Jeff Lewis Live that his ex has filed a lawsuit against him. Jeff said that Gage served him with court documents requesting legal support, equal shared custody of Monroe, and a request to change their daughter's legal name from Monroe Christine Lewis to Monroe Christine Edward Lewis, according to PEOPLE.

“[Gage and his lawyer] did file a request for order, which means that we now have a hearing date,” Lewis said. “And they put in all their requests, like I want 50 percent and I want child support and all that.”

Jeff also noted that Edward is not Gage's legal last name, but rather, his middle name. The Flipping Out dad said that if Monroe's name is changed, she will "have to re-learn it."

Jeff claims that his lawyer said that he has never heard of anyone making a request like this. "My initial reaction is it seems kind of crazy," Jeff said.

When reached for comment by PEOPLE, Gage said, “I cannot comment on pending litigation.”

Jeff then opened up more about his reaction to the request for order during his radio show the next day on February 27. "It is 10 pages of mistruths, exaggerations, mischaracterizations. It doesn't make me angry; it just hurts my feelings because I feel like, 'Wow, I took care of you for 10 years.' I think we had a really good, strong relationship, loving relationship, partnership for seven years. And then to just write all those terrible, hurtful lies," Jeff shared. "I didn't get angry; I actually feel compassion for him because he's got to be desperate to rewrite history like that. He's certainly angry."

Jeff reiterated his previous claim that Gage's actions in their custody battle are financially motivated. "I believe it's about money, but I also believe it's about punishing me. I think it's about hurting me, it's about punishing me," he said. "He knows how much I love Monroe. He knows that he's wrecking me. I think that it really has nothing to do with her best interest, nothing. I think it's about punishing me, I think it's about wrecking me, and I think it's about profiting."

Jeff also alleged that Gage is "scared for his financial future" because he has "never taken care of himself."

Gage allegedly claimed in the request for order that Jeff is "blocking his business opportunities" and "preventing him from getting work." Jeff said that he is "actually doing the opposite" and even said that he thinks he and Gage could work together again one day once their custody battle is settled. "The more money he makes, the less child support I pay, so why the hell would I block him?" Jeff said. "It works in my favor."

Jeff said that he doesn't want to respond to Gage's request for order and isn't sure where they go from here. "I have to figure out what's next," he said.

Gage's attorney previously sent Jeff a cease and desist letter in January after the radio host shared the exes' latest disagreement over their custody of Monroe. “I never signed a confidentiality agreement. There’s no deal points going back and forth; these are just conversations Gage and I are having. I feel like I’m paid to talk about my life, I’m paid to do that,” Jeff said, adding that he and Gage had similarly been open about their lives on Flipping Out, during the January 21 episode of his radio show. “We went into the radio together, he was paid to share our lives on the radio. Now that doesn’t suit him, so he wants that to stop. Well, he’s already a public person.”

Prior to that, Jeff said that he felt like Gage's actions during the custody battle were "money-motivated." "Normally, when someone is really caught up in the days and hours and the percentages, it usually means there's some sort of child support motivation," Jeff said during the January 16 episode of his radio show.

"And that is why I’m going to fight this to the bitter f--king end,” Jeff continued. “If I felt like the motivation was pure and this was about our daughter, then I would be very open to mediation or whatever. But because I don't believe this is serving her best interest, I will fight it. And if we have to go to court, we go to court.”

Gage addressed Jeff's claims in a statement to PEOPLE at the time. “I will continue to stay silent on the issues related to our private custody case. To address the derogatory and slanderous statements being made about me would be putting my interest above our daughter’s. The situation is being exploited for attention, which is sad because that ultimately only affects our daughter later," Gage said. "What I will say is that there are gross mistruths in the majority of what’s been said.”

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