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The Daily Dish Shahs of Sunset

Golnesa "GG" Gharachedaghi Says Her Health "Took a Major Turn"

The #Shahs pal gives an update on how she's coping with her hearing loss and RA today.

By Laura Rosenfeld
GG Heads to the Doctor...

Golnesa "GG" Gharachedaghi opened up about her hearing loss during the most recent episode of Shahs of Sunset. GG shared that she has been dealing with these issues ever since she was born, so she has adapted to reading lips. 

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At the end of her visit with the audiologist, GG said that she was going to explore getting a new hearing device to help cope with her condition. GG recently revealed to The Daily Dish that she did, in fact, go through with getting a hearing aid after her visit. "I did. That appointment that you see with that doctor, she ends up being my ear doctor," the Shahs pal shared. "I have hearing aids, she gives them to me, I'm wearing them." 

Unfortunately, GG said that she hasn't seen much improvement in her hearing. "It's not much of a difference, because even the doctor said my type of hearing loss was very, it's not a normal hearing loss. You're either born with it or you have, like, serious trauma to the brain. So obviously, I was born with it. I hear all the sounds kinda; I just can't understand words. I can't understand what the sounds are," GG explained. "So these hearing aids, all they've kind of done for me is they've [made] the sounds even louder, but I still can't really understand what people are saying. So I just really have to read lips or trust my instincts on body language half the time."

GG said that since this type of hearing loss is so rare, it's been difficult to get research done to find better treatment options. "Even the doctor said it's gonna take a long time for my brain to understand the sounds that I'm starting to hear. Every single sound, like you guys, you guys were born hearing everything. For 35 years, I've never heard these sounds, and then 1 second, I'm hearing everything, so I can't differentiate what I'm hearing anymore," she said. "It's really confusing, it's hard to explain, but it's like if someone was blind for 35 years, you finally give them vision, they don't know what they're looking at. They're used to feeling or smelling. They can't rely on the eyes. It's hard to explain."

The Shahs pal also experienced a setback with her rheumatoid arthritis this summer. "Unfortunately, my health just took a major turn [in August]. I didn't know what was going on. It started when I was actually in New York to do Watch What Happens Live [with Andy Cohen]. I wasn't feeling well. I fainted, went to the ER after, came [back to Los Angeles], followed up," GG said. "Basically, because I came off my meds a year ago, you know, when me and Shalom were thinking about having kids, I just never went back on, and inflammation has just been building up throughout my entire body. So the inflammation was everywhere, throughout my chest, everything." 

GG then went to visit her rheumatologist for what she thought was just going to be "a normal checkup." "And the next thing you know, he literally went from one office, walked me over to the other office and put me into the infusion chair and put me back on the chemo," she shared. "So that is kind of my status right now. I'm just trying to tame that so I'm normal again." 

GG shared how difficult it was to return to this treatment with her Instagram followers. "I feel like I've swallowed my tears for so long that one day I will burst like a geyser. It doesn't matter if you're 7 years old or 70 years old, going thru this is never easy in moments like this," the Shahs pal said in the post. "You stop asking your friends and family to be at the doctor with you because you see how much it hurts them to see you hurting. But then you end up alone going thru this hell." 

But GG hasn't lost her strength one bit. "I want my warriors to know that you are not alone! I read your messages. I research your advice. You all are amazing and I am grateful. Grateful to have this platform to speak up about this disease. For those asking, today I was put on Orencia 750mg infusions twice a month. And back on weekly methotrexate injections," she shared. "But guess what... I can still say LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL!" 

Watch GG open up more about her battle with RA, below.

Is GG Getting Chemo?
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