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The Daily Dish Family Karma

Have Family Karma's Vishal and Richa Gotten Married Since Season 1 Ended?

Vishal Parvani has some major updates on his relationship.

By Laura Rosenfeld

Vishal Parvani and his fiancée, Richa, got one step closer to tying the knot in the season finale of Family Karma. The April 26 episode saw the couple participate in their Indian engagement ceremony in front of all of their family and friends.

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Vishal and Richa had been engaged for a couple of years when this season of Family Karma kicked off. However, he and Richa hadn't made much progress in actually planning their wedding with no date or details set.

These days, it's still pretty much the "status quo," Vishal told The Daily Dish during an interview in early March. He and Richa are still not married, and they haven't made any further wedding plans. "There hasn't been a rush for three years, so why rush it now?" Vishal joked.

Vishal said that there were several factors that have delayed his wedding to Richa. "I wish I could pinpoint one reason, but there are multiple reasons. We have issues in our relationship," he explained. "One of the larger ones is right after I proposed is right when she took over her mom's business, which means we went from seeing each other every day for five years to where she's now long distance. And for the past two years, we've been long distance. So that's a new hurdle and challenge that was pushed onto our relationship amongst the many other issues that we have that we need to address."

Richa's Mom is Not Excited for Her Engagement Ceremony

Their relationship continues to be long distance with Vishal still living in Miami with his parents and Richa in Memphis, Tennessee. "I guess the next step is we should probably buy a house together and live together before getting married," Vishal said, adding that they're not sure in which city they would live. "She will come down maybe one week out of the month, and I'll try taking a weekend trip to Memphis once a month. And keep the long-distance relationship."

Thinking further down the line, Vishal said that he hopes to start a family with Richa one day, although this is another topic the couple needs to discuss. "I don't know if it's something that she wants. She gets annoyed by screaming little kids, and I love it. It's like music to my ears," Vishal said. "I'm not going to say that she's going to say [a] permanent no, but I told her, 'Let's revisit the issue in five years.' And she's like, 'OK.'"

The tension between Vishal and Richa's mothers also hasn't made things easy for them during their engagement. In particular, Vishal's future mother-in-law, Lopa, who he lovingly refers to as FML, has said some not-so-flattering things about him this season of Family Karma. For instance, at the end of the series premiere, Lopa told Brian Benni's dad that she thought her daughter's fiancé was a "moron" and a "leech."

Vishal said he exclaimed a certain four-letter word that begins with the letter F when he watched his FML say that in the episode. "I was like, I'm not surprised, but I am surprised that she was telling people she just met. So imagine what she's telling people that she knows," he said. "I know the general idea of what [Richa's] mom thinks about me because sometimes she says it directly to me, too. It's always a variation of 'moron,' 'stupid,' or something like that, or 'immature.' I get one of those variations a lot of time, and I just brush it aside."

Vishal and Lopa seemed to end the season on a good note, embracing at the end of his engagement ceremony. However, at the time of our conversation, Vishal said his relationship with his future mother-in-law felt like it was on "a downward swing" that he hoped would be "going up again." "I would say my relationship with Richa's mother-in-law, it's always ups and downs. A lot of ups and downs," he said. "Mostly downs."

Luckily, things between Vishal's mom and his future mother-in-law are "cordial" now. "That's all I can ask for," Vishal shared.

Vishal said that he has learned that he needs to be better about addressing issues like this head on. "I could have probably addressed it a lot earlier. It's probably my fault for brushing things under the rug like I shouldn't do. I should probably learn to address things more. Richa was actually telling me to address it six years ago when it happened, actually," he shared. "We saw what happens when you delay it so long. It builds up and festers, and you start taking on new realities of what happened six years ago. What [Lopa] feels, I think, is a lot worse now than what she actually did back then if I could have just addressed it back then."

Vishal said that he hopes he and Richa can at least start planning their wedding soon. But what is definitely clear to him now is that Richa is the one. "I'm very attracted to very strong women who can hold their own and have steel balls," Vishal said with a laugh. "No, I love a girl that can put me in my place. Just, that's what I like, and she's the one that does it the most."

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