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Watch Jax Taylor Bust Shake Chatterjee for Talking Behind His Back on House of Villains

Jax Taylor caught Shake Chatterjee talking smack behind his back on the latest House of Villains episode.

By Chris Phelan
Side by side of Jax Taylor and Shake Chatterjee in front of a gray backdrop for House of Villains.

House of Villains is only two episodes in, but one contestant has wasted absolutely no time kickstarting the drama!

In the premiere episode, the women of House of Villains took center stage as Corynne and Omarosa squared off and showed the world why they were considered the villains of their respective reality shows. Omarosa proved she hadn't lost a step since her unforgettable stint on The Apprentice by putting her bravado front and center; Corynne, on the other hand, showed off the impressive penchant for profanity she perfected during her time on The BachelorBattle lines were drawn between the two reality television legends, but during the second episode, a few of the men showed why they deserve to be called villains in their own right.

What Did Shake Chatterjee Say About Jax Taylor Behind His Back?

Jax Taylor smiling in an all black suit while sitting in the WWHL clubhouse.

The show is called House of Villains, after all, so there should be an expectation of underhanded behavior from the contestants. However, talking behind someone's back nearly always backfires, especially when cameras – and other people – are everywhere.

In one fell swoop, Shake Chatterjee (of Love is Blind fame) caught the ire of Vanderpump Rules alum Jax Taylor. Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you the first male rivalry of the season: 

Let's break down this confrontation and see how it came about.

"So our boy Jax, all I hear from him is about his wonderful wife and his vintage car collection, a deal for $2 million," Shake said to Bobby Lytes (Love & Hip Hop: Miami). "Yeah, he doesn't need the money."

Seems innocuous enough, doesn't it? Who hasn't looked up their friends' and coworkers' homes on Zillow, right? Well, Shake's earnest summation of Jax's finances was overheard by Jax himself, who was standing just a few feet away, well within earshot. Whoops.

Predictably, Shake's comments didn't go over well with the Vanderpump Rules star, and a brief confrontation ensued. Jax felt betrayed that Shake – with whom he was attempting to become friends/allies with in the house – would attack him in such a personal matter. 

"Everybody needs money or they wouldn't be here," Jax stated. "Nobody's rich enough to do anything."

"Some of us need it more than others," Shake shot back.

Bobby summarized what we were all thinking in a confessional to the cameras.

"How do you talk about somebody and not make sure that they're not listening?" he asked rhetorically. "Are you dumb?"

Some things never change. We're glad that even in 2023, talking behind people's backs is still something that's not just for high school. It's one of the pillars of reality television, like declaring someone is "here for the wrong reasons." 

Tensions continued to boil over later in the episode, when – facing possible elimination due to being arguably the best athlete on a show that revolves around feats of athleticism each week – Jax made a passionate plea to the house to keep him around, citing he was dealing with his "wife and kid" back home. 

Once again, Shake stirred the pot some more.

"You're telling everyone how nice your little family is – your wife made two million," Shake argued before launching a personal attack. "You're like a dark cloud walking around raining all over. You remind me of every high school bully that I grew up with."

Shots fired. In true villainous fashion, however, Jax was ready with the ultimate retort.

"A bully?" Jax asked incredulously. "Coming from a guy who degrades women on national television. You're one and done – come talk to me when you've been on a show as long as I have."

Who Was Eliminated on Episode 2 of House of Villains?

Jax Taylor photographed at an event.

We must be honest; Jax's response was one of the better clap-backs we've seen lately on television. Of course, it was a direct reference to Shake's time spent on Love is Blind, when he routinely showed himself to be vain, immature, and condescending toward his fiancée, Deepti Vempati. It was a virtuoso evil performance that ultimately earned him a place on the House of Villains cast list.

House of Villains promised to turn the reality competition genre upside down – and so far, the show is delivering on all fronts! As it turns out, competing for $200,000 makes for arguably more drama than competing for true love (but we're not complaining). 

By the episode's end, though, it seemed Shake was primed to have the last laugh. Corynne and Jax were the two cast members on the chopping block, their fates in the hands of their housemates. Viewers will have to wait for episode 3 to find out who was voted off – and who gets to continue their respective House of Villains feud.

You can tune in to House of Villains on Thursdays at 10 p.m. ET on E!

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