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Why Dr. Heavenly Kimes Is the Queen of Shade on Married to Medicine

Married to Medicine's Dr. Heavenly Kimes always knows how to keep us wanting more.

By Shameika Rhymes

Dr. Heavenly's shadiest moments have made her one of the most popular and entertaining cast members on Married to Medicine. She is not afraid to speak her mind, even if it means hurting someone's feelings. While some viewers may find her to be too much, others appreciate her honesty and her ability to make them laugh.

How to Watch

Watch Married to Medicine Sundays at 9/8c and streaming next day on Peacock.

Dr. Heavenly has thrown shade at her castmates in a number of other ways over the years, such as through her comments, facial expressions, and body language making her the definitive queen of the comeback.

Here’s a look at some of her shadiest moments on Married to Medicine:

Dr. Heavenly subtly jabs a new couple

One of the shadiest moments was a dinner she held in Season 2, and while she didn’t point fingers, she threw enough shade to cloud the entire dinner party.

“There may be some people in their marriages where they have problems submitting to their husbands. There are some women that may be spending all of their husband’s money. There may be some people that may not respect their husbands to take their last name,” Heavenly said. “Some of us just got married, so they’re just lucky to be here.” 

Tearing down Toya's home

Toya kept dragging out her home-buying issues, so Heavenly also made a point that her home was over $1.3 million, but she threw shade at Toya by saying she contributes to her home for that price tag and as a realtor, she knows how long it takes to close on a home.

Heavenly's poster incident

In Season 5, during the reunion episode, Heavenly gave her opinion on some of the things that happened during Season 1, even though she wasn’t a cast member at the time. That set Mariah off. So, during the break, Heavenly went to Mariah's dressing room door, and on the photo of Mariah, she drew a mustache on her face, blacked out one of her teeth, and added devil horns to her head. This wasn’t just shady; it was a petty moment.

In Season 6, Heavenly tried to make amends by gifting Mariah a new poster, but it was from a time when she had a broken foot and was 25 pounds heavier. As her and Mariah clapped back at each other, Heavenly kept delivering nice nasty compliments. She told Mariah her teeth looked nice, and when Mariah told her to get hers and her husband’s teeth fixed, she came back guns blazing with “fix your husband’s small stuff.”

The Tequila Comeback

Also, during Season 5, things got heated over a bottle of tequila. Heavenly and Mariah had words over the shadiness of the gifted bottle at Mariah’s '90s party. Mariah said, “When my mama was very hurt by the things she said,” Heavenly clapped back with “your mama done hit a b*tch in the head with a purse.”

Everyone gasped and hoped the shade-fest would stop. “I cannot have a conversation with a 4-year-old, I just can’t do it. Toya can do it cause y'all are on the same level,” Heavenly said in her confessional. 

In Season 3, Heavenly continued shading Toya about her home by questioning how much she is spending on it.

“Even Oprah has a limit to what she can spend,” she quipped.

When Toya diffused the wine, she said, “It didn’t taste any different.”

She even went for Jill’s throat when she called her stupid, and when Jill said “You’re a dumb b*tch," Heavenly relied on her go-to “your mama.” Needless to say, that relaxing day at the beach ended up more overcast than anticipated. 

We can’t wait to see what shade-slinging Heavenly will bring in Season 10. 

Married to Medicine Season 10 premieres on Sunday, November 5 at 9pm ET/PT on Bravo.

You can catch up on all of the Married to Medicine seasons on Peacock!

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