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Princess Diana’s Former Therapist Weighs in on Caroline Stanbury "Mothering" Sergio

Therapist Marisa Peer treated Caroline Stanbury with a hypnosis session during the latest episode of RHODubai.

By Sophie Vilensky

During Season 2, Episode 3 of The Real Housewives of Dubai, Caroline Stanbury sought the advice of an expert who's treated plenty of brilliant minds — including Princess Diana's, apparently.

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That's right: Caroline received treatment from none other than therapist Marisa Peer. As she explained on the June 18 episode, "I'm really not a big fan of traditional therapy. But then I ended up interviewing Marisa on my podcast. She's the number one hypnotherapist in the U.K. She was Princess Diana's therapist, so, if she's good enough for Princess Diana, she's good enough for me."

Caroline's reason for wanting to start therapy? To fix her propensity for "mothering" everyone, including her husband Sergio Carrallo. "Sergio is as clingy as ever," she said. "I'm trying to cut the umbilical cord."

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All About Caroline Stanbury's Hypnotherapy Session with Princess Diana's Former Therapist

Marisa began her work by asking Caroline what she'd like to get out of the session. She answered that she'd like to be a bit more empathetic to Sergio's needs. "I internalize everything," Caroline shared, noting that her long stay in boarding school made her prone to doing everything for everyone, like a "control freak."

Caroline Stanbury as a young child.

"That's all conditioning," explained Marisa. "When you're not in control, you must think you're out of control. But maybe for you, we could turn down the need for control a bit."

Next, Caroline closed her eyes and was put in a hypnotic state, tapping into her younger years. In her mind, she played out a conversation with her mother from when she was eight or nine years old. At the time, she'd asked her mom not to send her back to school, but her mother told her she had to go back.

Caroline Stanbury getting a session with her hypnotherapist

"What's happening in this scene is that your need not to go is completely ignored because of her need to have you go," Marisa said. "What's happening is that when you were little, your needs always came last and your mother's needs came in front of yours. And now you have a relationship with Sergio where you're treating him like it's a mother/child relationship. Is that right?"

After Caroline agreed this was the case, she was asked to describe the "price" she pays for micromanaging Sergio. Her answer? "He's then not independent."

"Men need admiration from their partner," explained the therapist. "If he has to come to you and ask you questions, again, you're becoming mummy. I want you to see the damage that will do over time if he comes to you and asks you questions and depends on you. Just see it, and then say 'I'm choosing to not micromanage Sergio. And I love that.'"

At last, Marisa clicked her fingers and Caroline woke up. She was then left with homework: to let Sergio finish what he needs to, not micromanage everything, and work on dividing their days.

Who is Caroline Stanbury's therapist?

Caroline's therapist is named Marisa Peer. According to her website bio, she's a "globally acclaimed therapist, best-selling author, and award-winning speaker" who developed the Rapid Transformational Therapy technique. 

"My mission is to spread the message that there are simple, rapid, and effective techniques everyone can use that can truly change your life," she explains on her site. "I also dedicate my time to developing powerful self-hypnosis programs designed to release common blocks people face in every area of their life, from self-confidence, weight, relationships, finances, and much more."

Besides Caroline and Princess Diana, Marisa has also worked with an impressive roster of clients including "international superstars, CEOs, royalty, and Olympic athletes."

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