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How the VPR Cast & Producers Broke the Fourth Wall on the Historic Finale: "This is What We Do"

Go behind the scenes of Lala Kent's tirade about Ariana Madix, Tom Sandoval's chilling last words, and more.

By Allison Crist

Season 11 of Vanderpump Rules came to a screeching halt on May 7 when Ariana Madix ditched the final cast party because of her ex Tom Sandoval's repeated attempts to apologize to her. 

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This left several of her castmates — namely, Lala Kent — feeling rather disappointed, and as a result, the group broke the fourth wall to discuss the dramatic walkout.

Tom Sandoval Calls Out Ariana Madix, Breaks Fourth Wall

Sandoval was among the first to do so, telling his friend Billie Lee of Ariana, "If you don't want to film with your ex, don't be on the show. Seriously, don't sit back on your f-cking lazy ass and collect a f-cking check for doing nothing." 

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His outrage carried over into a conversation with Lala, Scheana Shay, and Tom Schwartz (as well as a Vanderpump Rules producer).

"Ariana, she doesn't f-ck with you guys. On the real," Sandoval told the group. "She f-cking talks sh-t about all you f-ckers. She doesn't show up for your sh-t. She's not gonna come to your f-cking thing; I'm gonna come. When push comes to shove, I'm f-cking there, dude."

Tom Sandoval talking to his castmates and a producer in front of a red curtain.

Lala Kent Slams Ariana Madix's "Bullsh-t" Refusal to Film with Tom Sandoval

Lala found herself siding with Sandoval.

"I have my own point of view that I've been biting my tongue because it's very hard to do this and not break — it's a lot of breaking the fourth wall, so I'm gonna do it now," she stated before launching into a tirade about how Ariana's been living her life since Sandoval cheated on her. "This happened to her, the world rallied around her, she now thinks she is Beyoncé."

Lala went on to specifically criticize Ariana for continuing to live in the same house as her ex. As she put it, "It's bullsh-t that she can't film with someone that she stays under the same roof [with]. It's a lot. She's saying, 'Don't f-ck with Tom Sandoval, but I'm gonna sleep down the hall from Tom Sandoval.'"

"I get it, he f-cking cheated," she added, before turning to Sandoval himself. "You did a really f-cking shitty thing [and] it was weird how you looked us all in the eye and said a lot of sh-t, but he did not kill somebody."

Finally, Lala delivered the line that fans first heard in the shocking Vanderpump Rules Season 11 trailer: "I have never in my life experienced someone who gets cheated on and suddenly she becomes God."

Lala Kent talking in front of a red velvet curtain.

Later, Lala once more condemned Ariana's refusal to talk to Sandoval on-camera — but this time, she was much more emotional. 

"I love filming this show because it is real," she began in a confessional interview. "I find it to be tremendously healing, and for Ariana to walk out this way is just such a slap in the face. This is what we do. We've been doing this for most of our adult lives.  

We've all experienced high highs and low lows, and there's a responsibility that comes with living your life on camera," Lala continued. "You have to be truthful even when it's extremely uncomfortable. I watched James [Kennedy] live his authentic life, Scheana has, Tom and Katie [Maloney]. I feel I have. But there was a time that I was not honest about what was going on in my life. And it was suffocating."

She then stated her belief that Tom and Ariana were "[never] honest about their relationship until Tom was caught cheating." 

"And you think that you get to be honest for one moment and then you get to pack it all away and all is good? F-ck that," Lala concluded. 

Why Ariana Madix Refused to Film with Tom Sandoval While He Apologized on the Finale

Ariana had her own reasons for not wanting to film with Sandoval during the final cast party, though. As she shared in a confessional interview, "We live these difficult parts of our lives on camera, but if it's something that actually really mattered to you regardless, you would do it anyways."

Ariana Madix talking to a producer at an event.

"He's never tried to talk to me off camera," she added of Sandoval. "He could've written something in a f-cking letter and left it on the kitchen counter and I could've read it at my leisure. But if he would only do it on camera, to me, you just showed your true colors."

What were Tom Sandoval's shocking last words on the Vanderpump Rules Season 11 finale?

In the last moments of the finale, a producer aptly said off-camera, "That's the end." 

Schwartz chimed in to note, "That was a f-cking plot twist." 

Finally, Sandoval delivered a chilling final line: "I love it. It's good for me."

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