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Imposters Star Parker Young's First Acting Gig Was Super Steamy

The #Imposters cast had very different ways of getting their starts in show biz.

By Laura Rosenfeld
How Did the Imposters Cast Get Into Acting?

We love watching Parker Young play con artist Maddie's (Inbar Lavi) scorned lover Richard on Imposters, not only because he's incredibly talented, charming, and hilarious on screen, but also because he's not afraid to show us his six pack. 

Parker's physique has served him well over the years, especially since it also helped him get his start in show biz. "My very first role was the spec commercial for XM radio, and I played a Chippendales dancer and I had a bow tie," he previously revealed to The Daily Dish. "They paid me 50 bucks cash and they shot it on my birthday, I was so pumped."

After that, Parker went on to play a delivery man on the soap Days of Our Lives before stealing the screen in shows like Suburgatory, Enlisted, and Arrow. But when Parker first got bitten by the acting bug in high school, he had other career ambitions in mind. "In high school, I’d take a theater elective. I enjoyed it and thought, 'This was kind of fun, maybe I can do this after high school.' I certainly wasn’t going to continue playing football. I had a handful of concussions, and that was the end of the football career," he said. "I moved out to L.A., was going to go to school out there, and decided I wanted to give the acting thing a shot and got into every class I could. It was horrible. Little by little, the dots started to connect."

Long before Inbar made her move to Los Angeles to make her dreams come true, she first realized that she wanted to be an actress at home in her native Israel."I feel like I’ve always been acting for my family growing up. My parents used to fight a lot, and they didn’t really get along very well," she shared with The Daily Dish. "They would argue and I would start dancing in the background and they would stop and watch me. My dad had one of those big cameras, and he would have patience for days. And he would just follow me around, and I would put on little skits and sing for them and perform. And whenever I would do that, it would feel like we were a family. I kind of became the family clown, and I would perform and exhaust them whenever I could."

Inbar moved to New York when she was 17 years old and tried to get into the theater scene, which she said "didn’t really work very well." "Then I moved to L.A. and got a scholarship in the Lee Strasberg School, got an agent, and started working," she said. 

Rob Heaps, the actor behind Ezra, another one of Maddie's former targets on Imposters, also got his start in acting outside of his native U.K. The actor attended a drama school in St. Petersburg, Russia where he picked up some experience in plays. But Rob didn't always play people during his training. "It was very physical, and now that’s the basis of all my acting. It was basically just playing animals," he previously recounted to The Daily Dish.

Rob said that he and his fellow students had to choose an animal to portray in front of the whole class and the "terrifying" Russian master after spending weekends at the zoo. "And you’d have to get up and do your panther or do your vulture or puppy or whatever it was," Rob described. "It was pretty intimidating." 

But those wild lessons ultimately prepared Rob for his career today. "It was a great time, I had a great time," he said. "I learned a lot." 

Art has even imitated life for the Imposters cast. Find out about the real-life cons Rob and Inbar have pulled in the past, below.

The Imposters Cast Reveals Their Real-Life Cons
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