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The Daily Dish Imposters

The Imposters Cast Has Pulled Off Some Crazy Real-Life Cons of Their Own

From fake tears to fainting spells, the #Imposters crew has a few tricks up their sleeves.

By Laura Rosenfeld
The Imposters Cast Reveals Their Real-Life Cons

Whether it's distracting a nun or cleaning out all of the money from a lover's bank account, nearly everyone has gotten into the con game this season of Imposters. Sure, the Imposters cast has learned all about what it takes to pull off a con from working on the show, but some of these actors came armed with some real-life conning experience, thanks to their impeccable acting skills.

Rob Heaps, who plays one of con artist Maddie's (Inbar Lavi) former targets on Imposters, turned on the waterworks when he was in a bind. "I once burst into tears because I needed to get a passport. I was in a play in Norway, and I lost my passport, and we were flying the next day. And you can get a replacement passport in a day, but there are a million things that have to go your way. You have to get an appointment and all the rest of it," he told The Daily Dish. "And none of that was happening, so I basically just broke down in tears outside this office in London, because I was like, 'This is all I've got left. I'm just gonna cry and see what happens,' and they let me through this door, and I got this passport."

Desperate times also called for desperate measures for Inbar. "In high school, I was very obsessed with getting perfect, straight As, and there was a history test that we had to take and I wasn't prepared. And so I faked passing out," she shared. "They put my feet up in the air. And I heard all the kids come around me and the teacher and I was just like [passed out] the whole time and they came and woke me up. And I was like, 'Oh, what happened?' And then they called my mom and sent me home and I got another date to take the test."

But does this now mean the jig is up for Inbar? "Your teacher's gonna watch this," Parker Young, who plays another one of Maddie's targets, Richard, on Imposters, joked to his co-star. 

"Too bad!" Inbar replied, adding that she ended up getting "a really good grade" on the test. 

The actress behind Maddie's former target Jules, Marianne Rendón, has also admitted to pretending to be someone else on a few occasions. "Yeah, I think a couple times I tried to be British when I was ordering a drink or a coffee, and I think people definitely listened to me a little bit more. I think once I tried to upgrade my seat on an airplane by pretending I was English," Marianne told The Daily Dish, adding that it actually worked. "It’s amazing what an English accent will do. I wouldn’t want to do it to take advantage of people, but it felt like an appropriate context." 

We wonder what native Brit Rob has to say about that? 

Though it may seem like cons are all about deception, Inbar explained that they're actually rooted in honesty, as her high school con and Rob's crying were. "I think every good con, every convincing con has some truth to it, because you were obviously distraught and you were at a loss and you didn't know what else to do and there was something emotional that was going on truthfully that helped you go to that place," she said. "It's not like you said, 'Oh, please cry! Make this happen.' It was naturally coming out. You just expand it."

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