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The Imposters Cast Has Some Feelings About That Shocking Finale

The #Imposters stars give their take on what went down and what may come next.

By Laura Rosenfeld
The Imposters Cast Reacts to the Season 1 Finale

Oh, the Bumblers. Try as hard as they may, they never really got quite up to the level of conning as Maddie (Inbar Lavi), Max (Brian Benben), and Sally (Katherine LaNasa) throughout this season of Imposters. Then again, it was their first time in the game, so let's be kind and cut them a bit of slack, shall we? 

But that all changed during the season finale of Imposters. And if you're not caught up on the crazy conclusion to this season, there are some MAJOR SPOILERS ahead. Ezra (Rob Heaps), Richard (Parker Young), and Jules (Marianne Rendón) joined forces with Maddie and Max to pull off the biggest and most complicated con of them all to fool Patrick (Stephen Bishop) and the rest of the FBI, who were hot on their trail. 

The Bumblers did so by each playing an important role in a complex operation around what looked like Saffron and Patrick's wedding, which included Richard posing as a valet and cutting the breaks on all of the FBI agents' cars and Jules creating an art piece intended to switch out the money. As for Ezra, he got some alone time with Maddie, and the two shared a passionate kiss, which seemed to serve to distract Patrick. But there also could be some real feelings there between Ezra and Maddie, as Rob recently explained to The Daily Dish. "I love that we don't know. I love that it could be either," he said. "I think all of these things are founded in some real feeling and then maybe you just go a bit further with it. It's about risk-taking as well. Ezra, as we see towards the end of the season, is really enjoying this whole new life and actually taking risks and being somebody else and pulling off these cons. And so he probably looks at this gorgeous woman and thinks, 'Yeah, you know what? Why not?' And he gets away with it, and I'm sure there's a thrill to that. All the Bumblers are kind of getting that. And Maddie, ironically, is getting out of it a bit. She's fraying at the edges a bit, she's losing her touch, and she's thinking, 'I don't know. Maybe I want out. Maybe I've had enough of this.'"

Toward the end of the season finale after contemplating getting on a bus with the Bumblers and heading out of town, Maddie decides to go solo. "I think it was a real struggle for her. I think she’s stuck between a rock and a hard place and could go either road, and there’s two different roads. I think Maddie’s always going to be a solo artist, and that’s what she goes out on and makes that decision," Marianne told The Daily Dish. "In that beautiful last shot of her in the car — that shot kills me — you can just see her longing to have that sense of family. She really wants to get out of this life but inevitably she can’t escape it."

If Maddie and the Bumblers were to cross paths again, Parker said that he isn't so sure that they can all move on from the past and get along as friends moving forward, but he's hopeful that could be the case. "I don’t know, I think it’s going to take some time. I think it’s possible," he told The Daily Dish when asked if Maddie could find a new family among the Bumblers. "I think we all care about her, maybe too much to share her, but I’d like to believe we can all be a big, happy family."

Always Forward, Never Back

Perhaps the biggest sign that the Bumblers are on their way to mastering the art of the con was the fact that Ezra used his sleight of hand skills that we've seen him practicing all season to pick up Maddie's engagement ring from Patrick's safe. "I was so happy with that because [co-creators] Paul [Adelstein] and Adam [Brooks] told me, 'Look, Ezra's got something up his sleeve,' but they wouldn't tell me what it was, and I wondered if it's the ring, and then it was, and I was like, 'Oh, it's so cool. It's so nice,'" Rob said. "I think it's just such a great journey he's been on that he starts out as this hopeless, ineffectual dreamer and has really ended up being this really competent, edgy kind of guy with a lot more about him." 

Hopefully Ezra is better at holding onto that serious bit of bling than Rob would be. "I hope they don't lose it on the bus or at a service stop. That would be terrible, wouldn't it?" Rob joked. "If Ezra goes to the restroom, and he's like, 'Oh my God!' Which is something that I would do, by the way, that's why I'm saying that." 

Even though Ezra is technically breaking the law by stealing from the FBI at that point, Rob explained that there could be something really inspirational about that moment for viewers. "I like characters that surprise people and surprise the audience and surprise themselves as much as anyone. People like Ezra who have low self-esteem, it's great to see people like that come out of their shell, gain confidence, and take a risk and pull it off and then you realize, 'God, I'm this whole different person I didn't dream of being," he said. "I think this show is inspiring in that way, and it shows you, not just that people are horrible and out to get you, but actually you can be whoever you want to be. And if you don't like parts of you, you can work on it or you can take a risk or you can become somebody else. I think that's actually quite life-affirming."

Saffron's Walking Down the Aisle

But Parker has a different take on that scene. "When I was watching, ‘Why didn’t Richard get that ring?’ Richard should have been the one," Parker joked. "They always think he’s the idiot who can’t accomplish anything. He should have shown up and been like, 'Yo guys, I got the ring.’ But, he didn’t."

Now the Bumblers are setting out on a new life that could include more conning in the future, according to Marianne. "They are starting to enjoy it, they enjoy the grift. They start to be really good at it, and the stakes just get higher and higher," she said. "And once Ezra takes that ring and they’re on that bus, there’s no looking back, they’re in it."

Unfortunately, it looks like that adrenaline rush might disappear real quickly since Lenny Cohen (Uma Thurman) returned at the very end of the season finale and was given the task of hunting down everyone involved in the Patrick Campbell fiasco by the Doctor. "Scared, scared for [Richard]. I’m much more scared of her than the FBI," Parker said. "I’m also really attracted to her, so I think that can work for some exciting stuff." 

Marianne said that Lenny's resurgence has made her very scared for the fate of the Bumblers as well. "Pretty worried she’s out for us. We are in serious trouble," she said. "She’s to be feared. Who knows what she’s capable of?" 

We're not going to lie. Lenny totally has us shaking in our boots, too. Relive the shocking final moments of this season of Imposters, below.

Lenny Cohen Is Back and After Everyone...
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