Is Wendy Williams *Really* OK After That Fainting Spell?

Is Wendy Williams *Really* OK After That Fainting Spell?

Amid rumors ranging from health problems to marital strife, the talk show host sets the record straight.

By Jenny Berg

Fans are understandably concerned about Wendy Williams after she fainted on-air during a live taping of The Wendy Williams Show on Tuesday, October 31. To reassure viewers that she really is fine, the talk show host appeared on Good Morning America on Friday, November 3, and went into detail about what caused her frightening collapse.

"People thought that I was having a stroke on TV, and other people thought that I was having a heart attack," Williams said. Though Williams didn't address these rumors, there has also been talk that marital strife has led to extreme stress in her life. However, the talk show host cites other reasons for the collapse. 

The TV personality claimed that she overheated in the Statue of Liberty costume she was wearing for the Halloween episode of her show. "I was dehydrated, according to the paramedics," Williams said on Good Morning America. "I went to my own doctors, and I'm fine! Including blood work."  

Williams went on to explain that her gig can be grueling — but that she's cut out for the work. "I'm not your average talk show host," she said. "This is a tough grind, morning TV. You wake up at 5:30 in the morning, and you go all day." Watch a clip from the GMA interview, below.

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